Mariah Carey left his Parisian hotel, the Plaza Athénée, this Sunday, and flew to the Austria where it will be tonight in concert!

Mariah Carey left his Parisian hotel, the Plaza Athénée, this Sunday, and flew to the Austria where it will be tonight in concert!
It is a weekend of madness that comes from living the American diva Mariah Carey. And for cause, last week the famous singer landed in Paris family to celebrate in the city light, his 4 years of marriage with her husband Nick Cannon and the 1 year of its Monroe and Moroccan twins! It is as well as the belle of 42 years and her charming husband is loaned a magnificent photo call game this Friday, April 27, in their suite of luxurious Hotel Plaza Athénée, Avenue Montaigne. And of course the Public was at the go! But that's not all, because they then have introductory with a dinner at the restaurant Jules Verne at the Eiffel Tower, where they also renew their vows of marriage intimate evening. The next day, Saturday, April 28, Mariah Carey offered a private in the talented Tunisian designer Azzedine Alaia shopping session, then quickly returned to his hotel to be refine the final preparations of the B - Day party and her adorable twins, rock & Roe. For indeed, it is with a little advance that her two babies normally celebrate their one year this Monday, April 30, that a super party was held Saturday later in the day to the delight of the Dem Babies, who had certainly to be more that spoiled. True happiness for a few privileged fans who have received on the part of the diva a few delicious pastries whose famous cakes of birthdays of babies, blue and pink, both of course covered with butterflies. Mariah Carey always think to faithful lambs, and it is to his credit. The next day, Sunday, April 29, last day of the stay in Paris, it has a horde of photographers, and especially fans in Delirium, which were the foot of crane before the Plaza Athénée to say to the - review to their idol! Staff flutters, the mother of Nick Cannon appears first and installs directly in the chartered van! Then follows the bodyguard of the star, Mike Rogers, which takes it carefully with a nanny, the baskets of the baby which we will not see the end of the nose, if not small luxury footwear! Sometimes then Rachel McIntosh Assistant to Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, and then Sanaa Hamri, which handles all the video achievements of the singer. The American icon finally made its appearance! A beautiful long dress in mesh, shawl on the shoulders, sumptuous jewelers and pest smile, hysteria is at its worst! And as always, Mariah Carey took the installation should her husband Nick Cannon, who for his part has is displayed in cool to fly, and then only as she knows so well do. She also took the time to approach all his fans to sign autographs and take photos. Finally, it finally moved to its high range berling and returned to the airport of le Bourget where a private jet it was waiting, she and her family, to travel to Ischgl, Austrian winter of the more fancy, already sports station where it will give this evening a concert very expected.

Football Premier League - This is the one between Manchester City and Manchester United Monday at the Etihad Stadium.

A great derby for two Manchester today
Three days of the end of the Championship of England, Manchester certainly has in mind this air of the Stone Roses. The undisputed capital of English football holds its breath, ready to ignite for its antagonistic colors. The Reds Devils for United and the Citizens for Manchester City. The rivalry dates to 131 years but, once is not custom, the Citizens are only three points behind the Reds Devils at the time of the outcome. Traditionally based in the role to advance his rival despised for its success and its arrogance, Manchester City would take even if victorious head of the classification in a better goals difference. An unthinkable hypothesis three weeks ago when the men of Alex Ferguson, with eight points ahead, spun to a 20th domestic triumph before fail. A fool hope for Manchester City supporters used to cultivate with auto ridiculed their sad reputation as unrepentant losers until the takeover of the club by the Abu Dhabi ruling family in 2008. With colossal investments ($ 1 billion), Manchester City now threatens the supremacy of Manchester United. At the time, the buzz around this fateful derby becomes unreasonable in Manchester. Tickets will sell up to 1600€ on the Internet 17€ per minute of game. At this price, the defeat could have a bitter taste. As that of Manchester United, humiliated at Old Trafford (1-6) in the game go. The most horrible result of my career, says Alex Ferguson. A shock to the Red people who had more experienced such disappointment in the derby since 1974 when his former Idol Denis Law become Citizen sent his heart in the second division club by scoring on a reflex heel. With a few exceptions, including a bitter 5-1 in 1989, his compatriot Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United for twenty-five years, never had to worry about competition from Manchester City. Up to the lower ranks of noisy neighbor with a small club mentality. For Scottish Patriarch (70 years), the only derby to take seriously was the North of England against Liverpool. Before reviewing its final judgment because of the rise of Manchester City: Manchester City is our direct opponent for the title. This team can prevent us from continuing to win. But the players will be fully prepared to respond. We are in a better position than City which must prevail. We can throw a game void. A way to put pressure. On Roberto Mancini. Avoiding to enter the mind game by Sir Alex Ferguson, the Italian coach of City repeats forever that the title remains promised Manchester United even if his team is required in the derby. A worst case scenario that some City supporters speak not without humor in forecasting a performance against Queens Park Rangers, in the fight to save his place in the elite, on the final day of the Championship. Sign of the impossibility to design something that a history of frustration for a club whose last trophy dates back to the FA Cup in 2011.

Justin Bieber catches up with his clumsiness

Justin Bieber catches up with his clumsiness
Canadian singer Justin Bieber has assured the Indonesia of his love Monday after have aroused the wrath of fans in this nation as country any. A rumor that I cannot accept is that which exists between my fans and I is not true. Indonesia, I see you. I love you. I love all my fans, wrote the young man on his Twitter account. Fans of Justin Bieber in Indonesia, country of 240 million people with the third largest community in Facebook and the fifth largest number of Twitter accounts, did not like the manner in which the young singer has spoken of their region. I was in one of these countries, said last week the star of 18 years in the British newspaper Daily Mirror, who asked where was recorded one of his new songs. His manager, Scott Scooter Braun, was then interrupted and said that it was in Indonesia, said the tabloid daily. His fans in this South Asian country is where it occurred window closed in April 2011, have asked for an apology.

José Mourinho on the runway of Zlatan Ibrahimovic?

José Mourinho on the runway of Zlatan Ibrahimovic?
According to the Spanish daily, El Confidencial, José Mourinho, coach of Real Madrid, have probed Zlatan Ibrahimovic to know if he would be tempted by a challenge to the Real next season. The Swedish striker of AC Milan, who played a season in the Liga with FC Barcelona (2009-2010), has already evolved under the orders of the Portuguese, in 2008-2009 with Inter Milan.

Football Liga - A victory for FC Barcelona against Rayo Vallecano 7-0.

Lionel Messi joined Cristiano Ronaldo in the top scorers in La Liga
FC Barcelona étrillé Sunday Rayo Vallecano (7-0) with such a doubled of Lionel Messi. A beautiful tribute to their coach, Pep Guardiola, who announced his departure from the club at the end of season two days ago. Goleada orgullo. One of the pro-barcelonais daily Sport did there not err Monday morning. Two days after the announcement of the departure of Josep Guardiola of FC Barcelona, the teammates of Lionel Messi could not make it more tribute. On the lawn of the Vallecas Stadium, Barça étrillé Rayo Vallecano. A success that put an end to a series of three games without a victory and, especially, which delays the sacred of Real Madrid. PEP Guardiola welcomed the victory to the King's Cup. Men of the future ex coach of Catalans will battle the Atletic Bilbao in the King's Cup final may 25 for their only season title, after have been apart in Liga and disposed of C. We know that Madrid is a champion, but we must play our matches said Pep Guardiola. The Blaugrana have not lost time Sunday evening to get to the shelter. Robert first marked on his camp on a great effort of Alexis Sanchez (26th). Keita then scored his second goal of the season, after a lot of Lionel Messi. The Pulga also scored his 43rd of the season (90th), joining Cristiano Ronaldo at the top of la Liga scorer. In the absence of Xavi, Thiago Alcantara went there from his goal of the head (77th). Pedro, confirmed on the front of the Barcelona attack, was the great author of the River score. PEP Guardiola has not dried up praise for one who has not always held this season: Yes, it is certain that this year he had injury problems. It was very good, scoring goals, making passes. It was very good, even throughout the year. The Barcelona Winger said he is satisfied with its performance and has put forward the cohesion in the team. I think that the team is well, with desires to play and take the good rhythm to the Cup final, which is the goal. We are very united and that is the path that we must follow, replied the player. We are pleased because this adversary is complicated and we have a great game. Real Madrid victory is postponed to another day, although it is virtually condemned. We will not renounce win matches that they remain.

Football Liga - Real Madrid may be sacred champion.

Karim Benzema
Noon, it may have been a little bit early for a Real Madrid to the always visible hangover three days after being released on the wire of the champions League, on Wednesday. In any case, Asian fans club Merengue 12 h a schedule was adopted this season to provide a better visibility of the Liga for the Asian market will have enjoyed the show between décomplexés Sevilla and vengeful Madrid. José Mourinho chose to renew almost the same eleven than who has bitten the dust Wednesday evening, except Khedira ceded his place to Granero in the midfield. In front, the Andalusian relied on offensive trident Jesus Navas-Reyes-Negredo to sow disorder in the merengue rearguard. While the gloom and rain fell at the beginning of game on Santiago-Bernabeu, control was not surprisingly Madrid. But many visitors who showed the most incisive in the first minutes. Fazio thought even opening the score of a powerful recovery, due to a deep free-kick, but the goal was denied for a fault of Negredo on Pepe (4th). The same Fazio was dark a new centre for a whim of little next to the goals of Casillas (17th). But the Real, concentrated, finished by opening the score, by the high-power Cristiano Ronaldo, author of his 43rd goal of the season in Liga. Well offset by Benzema on the right of the surface, the Portuguese quietly adjusted Varas with a shot in the small net (1-0, 19th). An opening tricks the eye. Because it is well Seville which continued to be the more threatening. Against express led by Reyes, and relayed by Navas, who saw his fly while it was only facing Casillas (27th), then an another bites lost by Negredo with a poorly adjusted toe bullet (28th) reflected the ambient excitement. Despite this tetany in defence, the attack turned well, rest assured, and the festival started really early in the second period. Karim Benzema, mute C1 against the Munich, found the path of the fillets well launched into orbit by an offering of Di Maria (2-0, 49th). And this was not completed. Still mentally in the cloakroom, Sevilla were taking on water. Against lightning, with Sergio Ramos to the last pass, was concluded by the former Lyonnais of a plunging head (3-0, 51). Two goals and a decisive pass for the Blues striker. 112 goals in total for the Merengue this season. The end of game was free wheel for Madrid, while that disillusioned, the Andalusians were out Negredo and Reyes in an end of game where they had nothing to hope. You may need to wait until the next day to see the Real officially Spain champion. Certainly this week, in the match against Bilbao. Unless that Barça lose tonight against another Madrid club Rayo Vallecano. Finally, that'd be more surprised if.

Prince William and Kate Middleton one year of marriage already and Royal life in color. She sees life in blue.

Prince William and Kate Middleton one year of marriage already and Royal life in color. She sees life in blue.

The tear to the eye, it had renamed it, a little to the glory of a famous song but also the coat she wore then and this red color that well befit him and she again also portal for his first mission humanitarian end of 2011, Lady in red. It was on his return with Prince William at St-Andrews, birthplace of their love, in February 2011, a few weeks before their marriage, the marriage of the century, celebrated on April 29, 2011. Since then, it has loved also wearing green, whether Emerald as at the reception given by the British consul in Los Angeles in July 2011 and Buckingham in November of the same year, or special St. Patrick as a few weeks ago. It is surprising under the spell, to see even in yellow it was during the Royal tour in summer 2011. In contrast to the grey, that it has declined to the envied. It has not forgotten its Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen wedding dress white. And, of course, it has ceased to subjugate the world in this sumptuous evening gown that has fumed it at occasions, the image reproduced and immortalized by Mrs Tussauds museums. But color lighthouse of the major debut of Kate Middleton the Royal family, it is blue. A color of choice, in the Rainbow that it deploys for months, which must surely nothing at random, not is not imposed as this, without reason, out of the blue. It is the color which revealed him as a future Queen: the blue of the unforgettable Issa dress she wore at the announcement of her engagement to Prince William, November 16, 2010. Blue Sapphire who accompanies him everywhere, to his finger, in the heart of the engagement ring offered by William and was once his late mother Lady Diana BW ' is no doubt, more prosaically, a color that the Duchess of Cambridge appreciated, simply, and that he goes to the complexion. But cannot point out that how Blue has dressed some of the highlights of the young Royal Catherine career, Duchess of Cambridge: tailor Navy Blue Amanda Wakeley dress that she was apparently for the official photos of the betrothal by Mario Testino for his last official release before marriage to Darwen in April 2011, light blue at Zara in the aftermath of the marriage of the century for the start in honeymoon in Seychellescoat blue tweed for the first official engagement with Queen Elizabeth II at Fortnum & Masons in Piccadilly on 1 March 2012, dress Reiss double row of buttons tapped into the dressing of his mother Carole a few days later for an opening in which she delivered his first speech. Thursday, April 26, it enjoys the map of indigo blue tweed for a commitment at Goldsmiths Hall with Prince William.

Mariah Carey: a busy Parisian weekend!

Mariah Carey: a busy Parisian weekend!
After she arrived in Paris, Mariah Carey causes a real wave of hysteria around where it passes. Fans, photographers, retailers, stylists, everyone wants a share of the appetizing cake that is the star. That they reassure there almost for everyone, finally especially for traders, Jewellers and designers. Because Mariah Carey is well determined to large shopping! If early in the weekend we were able to see it in Baby Dior and Louis Vuitton, yesterday Saturday, 28 April, she was with Designer Azzedine Alaia, an appointment which should lead to collaboration or at least some shopping. If you are in Paris, it's raining and in the distance you see ten umbrellas opened over one and the same person, then run in this direction, this is where Mariah Carey. Treated as a Queen, the singer is really very surrounded. However, careful to not get close too close, of many bodyguards are to the limits!

Football Liga - FC Barcelona: Spanish Press takes his hat to Pep Guardiola

Tito Vilanova and Pep Guardiola
In the aftermath of the announcement of the departure of Pep Guardiola, coach of FC Barcelona, at the end of this season, the Spanish press welcomed Saturday the trajectory of the catalan coach and generally welcomed the choice of his successor, Tito Vilanova, his current right arm. The praise of course come from the Catalan press, which boasts both route unprecedented Guardiola, winner of 13 titles in 4 seasons at the head of Barcelona, and the relevance of the choice of Tito Vilanova. Pep goes, but Guardiola remains, and headline the daily Sport, for which the catalan 42 years technician Tito Vilanova embodies the most natural succession. El Mundo deportivo, with a a montage where the face of Guardiola gradually changes of Vilanova, he also stressed the evidence and the logic of this succession. For the catalan daily, this decision is evidence of the reflexes of the club and maturity to start a model transition. El Pais, less inclined to view his barcelonisme, was on the same wavelength: Francesc and Tito Vilanova is surely the the cleverer solution to cope with this transition. While welcoming the exceptional course of Pep Guardiola as a coach, Marca, the leading sports newspaper Spanish, closer to Real Madrid, said the wear and tear of the catalan technician. Tito Vilanova, take the relay, titled in one, explaining in subtitle: Guardiola was reluctant to face the decline of some heavy weight of the locker room. Pep Guardiola chose to go before that the good relationship with his dressing room becomes unpleasant, has developed Marca, giving for example the disputes this season with the Spanish international Gerard Piqué or with the Brazilian Dani Alves. But Marca he also sees Tito Vilanova a technician with a lot of personality and serious.

France Cup: It is cruel for US Quevilly, but Olympique Lyonnais expected it for 4 years

US Quevilly fans are inclined in the final of the France Cup to Olympique Lyonnais.
US Quevilly fans are inclined in the final of the France Cup to Olympique Lyonnais. The fault to a purpose of the Argentine Lisandro Lopez (28th). A high flight nevertheless match which ends a beautiful journey in the competition, including marked by the eliminations of Marseille and Rennes. It’s had succeeded in getting rid of Marseille and Rennes. But they leave the stage of France with the medal in chocolate. US Quevilly fans are inclined in the final of the cup of France, Saturday, against Olympique Lyonnais. The men of Rémi guard opened the score with Lisandro Lopez, on a withdrawal of Alexandre Lacazette centre, in the first period (28th) and were never joined. And is not without trying for US Quevilly players. The Normans could even reduce the mark if Hugo Lloris had not changed on the bar, from the end of fingers, Laup strike just after the hour. Absent against Rennes and Marseille, goalkeeper El Kharroubi, which plays in the Olympic team of the Morocco, multiplied the cases, avoiding the score up.
-The captains of the OL and US Quevilly throw the whole trophy:
I am very proud of my boys, said Michel Mallet, the President of US Quevilly highlighting the best match of the Lyonnais which took us as a team of L1. A victory for the OL who brings smile to the President Jean-Michel Aulas including the club won nothing for four years. Rémi Garde won him his first trophy as coach. Currently fourth L1, to the struggle for a qualifying place for the champions League, Lyon ensures at least, with this victory, participation in the Europa League next season. Cheering by the public after the final whistle, players US Quevilly then crossed the hedge of honor offered by the Lyon players up to the podium to receive their medals. And for all, the presentation of the trophy did not have a bitter taste. The master of US Quevilly, Beaugrand, was invited by his counterpart of Lyon, Defender Cree, raised the trophy at the same time as him. The beautiful epic in a competition where anything can happen.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: the problems with marriage?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are recently engaged to. It is therefore that all is well between the two lovebirds. But the couple would similarly disagree regarding their upcoming marriage. After years of relationship and several children, Brad Pitt is finally decided to ask the hand of Angelina Jolie. Since then, the actress proudly ride with a value of EUR 380 000 engagement ring and Hollywood marvels on each of the rumors concerning one of the most anticipated in recent years people marriages. But it seems that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have finally struggling to agree on certain points of the ceremony. Apparently, manage front a prolific international career, the education of six children and the Organization of a marriage is not relaxing. And it is going in the adventure that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have discovered that they were not agree on many points, especially on the marriage contract: one might have thought that the fact of eventually get engaged would have restored boost to their love, but since the request of Brad Pitt, the magic fell said a close source of the couple to the magazine OK!. Of course, it has much to do with the fact that they must get agreement on the tips of their marriage, including what is marriage contract, and they are both horrified to see that there are so many things on which they are not in agreement, continued the same source. Information to take with tweezers, of course, even if we may not have a confirmation on the part of the couple.

The small daughter of David Beckham already sought to become face of a mark.

The small daughter of David Beckham already sought to become face of a mark.
Only 9 months, the Harper Seven small is seen to offer his first job by a British site that sells personalized gifts for babies, reported Friday Marie Claire UK. His parents are fashion icons so it has naturally been our first choice, explained a spokesman for the brand. David Beckham poses in underwear for Emporio Armani or H & M, Victoria Beckham is now a recognized designer and brand scrolls among the largest in the New York Fashion Week. As to the small last, it could soon become the face of a site specializing in personalized only 9 months baby gifts. Harper Seven Beckham was approached by, to represent the brand. Your two parents are fashion icons, and not see no reason that you do not start your own career in the industry of fashion, even at your young age, explains the site founder, Emily Sandford, in a letter to the girl with the British edition of Marie Claire book content Friday. If she wants one of the most famous of the world babies posed for it, it's because with what we have seen since your first public appearance, less than a year ago, we know that you have a style and taste, the relentless. You have immediately been our first choice for our campaign, said the founder of the site, fully playing the map of offbeat humor. Due to laws governing the work of children, we do not negotiate contract or salary directly with you, this is why you’re mum and your dad received a copy of this letter. We are happy to talk about your salary with them, she says. And the site is ready to pay a considerable sum to afford the services of the only daughter of Posh and Spice Boy, also parents of three boys, as the face of our new range. Attempts to convince the happy parents, the founder of the site to even play the chord. We hope that this will make your mum and your very proud Papa, can be read. Then hoax or big coup de pub? A spokesman for said that the Group was very excited to have offered a job to Harper Seven Beckham. And aims of developing with the little girl a relationship similar to what his father has built with brands such as H & M. the Beckham, a sure value.

Jessica Alba, sublime working girl who takes her daughter to the Office.

Jessica Alba, sublime working girl who takes her daughter to the Office.
Back in Tokyo after an Asian family, Jessica Alba took the path of Honest Company Office. A new appearance for the actress and businesswoman. Despite a very busy agenda, the young mother always displays perfectly controlled looks. A real star of the streetstyles! To get to work by a day in Santa Monica, Jessica Alba set summer colors. A blue jean, a coral pink blazer, but also a Saltine with a lilac gemstone: combining sublime his complexion of the star while providing an easy chic look. It is a working girl look perfect. Concerned about details, Jessica Alba accessories her dress with offset Sandals beige, form pilot sunglasses and a black and Golden Lady bag scratched Prada. And the star can also count on the support of his eldest daughter Honor. When it does not a hug his mom, daughter is laying before photographers who also wished a happy birthday to the star that celebrates 31 years, today, 28 April. Small bars in the shape of heart in the hair and blue bag flashy with its name on it marked in stress, Honor seems to have inherited the taste of his mother for fashion! Like Mom, it leaves nothing to chance to build its look! Jessica Alba reassures, succession seems assured.

Football Liga - Carles Puyol: It is a blow for us all that Pep Guardiola is no longer the coach of Barça but life continues.

Tito Vilanova and Pep Guardiola
Saturday, Carles Puyol made a tribute to Pep Guardiola press conference. The captain of FC Barcelona does not hide that the departure of coach is a blow. But he sees Tito Vilanova the ideal person to continue the project. Carles Puyol had nothing seen coming. The captain of Barcelona was not expected out of Pep Guardiola. We had noticed nothing, he continued to work with the same attitude and the same desire, entrusted the catalan Defender today press conference. If I it was asked again a week ago, I would have bet that it would remain. But Guardiola has decided otherwise. Evoking the praise of President Rossell, who considered the best coach in the history of FC Barcelona. Puyol, this departure is a blow. Obviously, it was also for Lionel Messi. Friday, the Argentine was not alongside teammates in the announcement of Pep Guardiola. But don't go not to infer that its relations with its future ex-entraîneur cooled. Lionel Messi is not scrambled with the coach, on the contrary, assured Puyol. These are the captains of the locker room who attended the press conference of departure and Leo chose to stay in the background. This precision made, the emblematic Barcelona defender did not breach a vibrant tribute to one who has already won thirteen titles on Catalan Bank. I would like to thank Pep Guardiola for that entire he has given; it leaves much to the football, a way of understanding, respect his opponent. It marked a before and an after in football. Now, life continues. Support, now, in Tito Vilanova to the estate. For Puyol, this is no doubt: that which shoulders Guardiola for four years is the ideal person to continue the project. Tito Vilanova knows this team as anyone else, he knows all about his philosophy.

Florent Malouda is preparing the Euro 2012 for two years.

Florent Malouda is preparing the Euro 2012 for two years.
In lack of time to play Chelsea, Florent Malouda believes yet that it will be for the Euro 2012. At least, I will be fresh and well prepared dedramatized international midfielder this Saturday in Le Parisien. I am not a new selection. I have 74 selections and I always said now in blue. This season, I less played on average (40 matches, 3 goals) that when my eight seasons, but my game time is not ridiculous. I prepare the Euro two years ago, one of my goals. My participation depends only on the choice of the coach and what happens to me only reinforces my confidence and my determination.

Footbal Liga - Several Real Madrid player will be pushed towards the exit for this summer!

José Mourinho the Special One
Real Madrid is almost certain to win la Liga this season. A success, reassuring to the Casa Blanca as José Mourinho, who has announced his intention to continue the adventure, the summer mercato. Many departures are scheduled while the Special One has set its priorities. Eliminated in the semi-finals of the Champions League, Real Madrid may comfort with la Liga, tending her arms with the seven points ahead of FC Barcelona to four days from the end. In the wake of the elimination, José Mourinho had wished put things clear about his future by announcing his intention to stay next season. Madrid coach however put its conditions to its leaders before making his decision asking decision-makers to the Casa Blanca a more supportive of its general policy and including transfers. A query clearly accepted by the club of the Spanish capital, which can therefore expect many movements during the next summer mercato.
-A competitor for Casillas:
The Special One would indeed turn upside down much of its workforce, even if power holders of this season should not move. To the position of goalkeeper, José Mourinho would like to provide a little more competition to an irreplaceable Iker Casillas. According to the pro-Real newspaper As, the priority would be the doorman from Chelsea, Thibaut Courtois, loaned to Atletico Madrid. In defence, the departures of Ricardo Carvalho and Raúl Albiol are more than likely because the two men are no longer part of the plans of the José Mourinho, which relies on Raphael Varane behind Pepe and Sergio Ramos. Dragging in the axis it left its corridor to Alvaro Arbeloa, who will need a liner. In the Middle, Lassana Diarra, Hamit Altintop and Ricardo Kakà should be pushed towards the exit and are encouraged to find a new club.
-The departure of Gonzalo Higuain query:
To fill these departures in the Middle, the people of Madrid think Javi Martínez (Athletic Bilbao). The Portuguese technician would also welcome an offensive environment to overcome the absences of Angel Di Maria, regularly injured. A target may already be found since the Madrid and Benfica Lisbon have signed an agreement to make the Madrid club priority on the transfer of Alex Witsel. Finally, the main query is called Gonzalo Higuain. If the effectiveness of the Argentine is appreciated to Real Madrid, it could decide to go for more time playing elsewhere. Paris SG and Juventus Turin are particularly on the lookout. Departure, Mourinho may require an extra striker and Sergio Agüero would be his priority. Despite his arrival at Manchester City, the Kun is announced with insistence on Real Madrid in the Spanish press. An Exchange with Higuain is even mentioned. The summer may be hectic in the Spanish capital.

Mariah Carey: discover the underside of his night so romantic in Paris with her husband Nick Cannon!

Mariah Carey: discover the underside of his night so romantic in Paris with her husband Nick Cannon!
Singer put Paris in turmoil in an exceptional evening during which she renew her vows of marriage with Nick Cannon at the top of the Eiffel Tower! It was expected and it did. Mariah Carey has indeed played its charms in a very select press event ' held in the evening of Friday, April 27 and public was! Indeed, the singer of 42 years landed Thursday, April 26 in our capital in the company of its entire staff, including his faithful Assistant Rachel McIntosh, and course of her husband Nick Cannon, of its twin Monroe and Moroccan, and even her mother-in-law Beth Cannon, to celebrate 4 years of marriage in large pumps at an evening so romantic. Thus after his afternoon of Friday to go shopping with her darling, for Baby Dior for still more the closets of its Dem Babies, and Louis Vuitton to bail out his dressing, the star was put on his thirty-one for live delicious Parisian night.
-Beginning of the festivities: twenty one hour on the second floor of the prestigious Plaza Athénée. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon give us an appointment in one of the salons of their suite. The Eiffel Tower sparkles and it was then that the star couple appeared! Long pristine sheath signed a great creator and accessories beautiful black belt, shiny jewelry, evening make-up and impeccable mane, this is as well as the beautiful American is displayed any bubbly on the arm of his man, him also of the most elegant and especially perfectly with. White suit, tie black, Nick Canon brought out the great game to honour the mother of his children. And we understand why, it is not every day that is celebrating 4 years of marriage! After the photocall of the most successful and even magical with the magnificent view of Paris in background, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have left their palace around 10 p.m. to dinner! And it is through the large door that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon is in has gone, doing the happiness of his fans waiting it mass at the entrance to the Plaza Athénée. Cries from all sides, blinding flashes, hysteria has simply invaded the avenue Montaigne, just the time that the diva climbs in his car luxury for the Jules Verne, the gourmet restaurant located on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. Once well satiated, lovers and their families have returned to the top floor of the Eiffel Tower, which had of course been privatized for the occasion. And this is that Mariah and Nick have to renew their vows of marriage! A magical moment, as we confirmed some witnesses, including the bodyguard of the singer, Mike. One hour in the morning, the interpreter of the tube We Belong Together and her husband, the famous host of the show America's Got Talent, finally again sealed their love and have therefore left, the eyes full of stars, the famous Parisian monument! A little tipsy and visibly tired by this day of madness, Mariah Carey wore while a smile out of the Eiffel Tower. She and Nick even took the time to pose with their fans in the joy and good humour! Stars as love 'em, which noses not their fans, and which is even to delight. One hour thirty in the morning. Again the crowd in the Plaza Athnée, still delighted eyes of their evening and the heart full of love! As fans of the singer, who do not have regretted their movement despite a slightly chilly temperature and the absence of adorable Rock & Roe. It is a diva or it is not, and there is not to say, Mariah Carey is these stars, of course, sometimes capricious, but so grateful to those who appreciate it, that they become attendrissantes! A rich emotional evening therefore, when Public was at Ringside. And one thing is sure; we already look forward to the next event organized by the talented singer to 5 octaves.

US Quevilly is ready to face Olympique Lyonnais in the France Cup final.

US Quevilly is ready to face Olympique Lyonnais in the France Cup final.
Amateur, but not too much. The heroes of le Petit-Quevilly, who compete Saturday the final of the cup of France in Lyon, are rather of semi-pros. Twenty-six players of the workforce, 15 live football, with a federal contract (1 139 per month minimum). Not the goalie, Issa Coulibaly. I am communication to the Leclerc Centre assistant. I have a part time with 20 hours a week. I ask for this final day. To the US Quevilly, salaries range from 1500 to 2500 net off premium (180 of victory in the League). Seine-Maritime club displayed a modest budget of 1.90 M€ in a League where the average is 2.30 M€. But when the neighbour of the FC Rouen, also supported the national, known large recurrent financial difficulties with his 5.80 M€ of budget, the US Quevilly practice a rigorous and realistic policy. The cup of France allows US to finish the season mind, explains President Michel Mallet, also a Leclerc to Bapaume store owner. It has already received 1.112 M with our course. This is a Treasury of war to perpetuate the club four to five years. After touching each 8000 for success against Rennes, Norse heroes will perceive each Efficy net euros approximately in victory. What to improve the ordinary. Since 2009-2010, the National included a unique group of twenty clubs. With 2000 spectators per meeting, this Championship remains confidential and little publicized when, for example, the third German division was is professionalized since 2008. There is not a large gap on 90 minutes with the Ligue 1. But the gap is monstrous on 38 games, says Michel Mallet. It is a long and physically using Championship, continued Coulibaly. There is less difference in recent years. There are good teams in National. This plays well to the ball. They can beat anyone in Cup, said Fanfan Tagliaglioli, President of Gazélec of Ajaccio, unfortunate semi-finalist this season. It beat Montpellier or Toulouse. Against Lyon, has been a first half fantasy with two poles and then ten against eleven, was good. Player of D1 and D2 for thirteen seasons, Regis Brouard, the coach of the US Quevilly, introduced a daily training upon arrival in 2008, with a minimum of five sessions per week, in National, CFA (4th division), it works well also. With a lot of investment. Most of the teams train every day. It has the same ingredients of the pros work, considers Brouard. But not the same comfort. In the amateur world, is in real life. Infrastructure and the training conditions are not all the same that in the pros, there is a real gap. It is not easy on a daily basis. The physics are not available 24 hours a day and the players must pay their care sessions. 5 M was invested but by the municipality to give a blow of young at the old stage Lozai, pastoral stage of 2500 seats with dressing rooms to the run-down walls. Two synthetic pitches are expected by the summer, training is doing for the moment on the stages of Commons around. And, as in each round of Cup of France, Régis Brouard men prepare to Forges-les-Bains in a very comfortable hotel. A delighted parenthesis. We are in a hotel where everything is beautiful. Then we will prepare the final at Clairefontaine, where all will be well. But, to the ordinary, it trains on difficult terrain. The shifts are sometimes long. Even if we happen to fly. Chard-on-life, the bus trip lasted six and a half hours. It is occasionally napping in the bus before the match. It is not terrible for the organization. And hotels, it is rather Campanile illuminates midfielder Matthias Jouan. Feet on Earth. Football does not last throughout life. The future is a little fear. I am attention daily. I buy small apartments. I invested now which will later allow me to live correctly. Is that for many, a dream? Some licensees have evolved in the reserve of a club pro. The disappointed of the training centres that could cross the cap, as Matthias Jouan in Caen, Cédric Vanoukia in Rennes, forward Anthony Laup Harbour, or Jean-Christophe Ayina, double goalscorer against OM in quarter-final and former reserve of Paris SG. But there is no feeling of revenge they provide.

Pep Guardiola will not be the coach of FC Barcelona next season

Pep Guardiola will not be the coach of FC Barcelona next season
It's official. Pep Guardiola will no longer coach of FC Barcelona next season. The catalan technician, who was at the end of contract, announced this at a press conference. Aged 41, he left the club after four years and 13 trophies (May 14 with the cup of the King). Sandro Rosell, the President of Barça, confirmed Friday that everyone sensed and information which had escaped in some Spanish media: Pep Guardiola will not extend his contract. It will therefore not FC Barcelona coach next season, the Catalan has always been careful to sign only short contracts. Before him to explain, I would like to thank him for having made progress the team, for the values of the club, said the pattern of the club that, Tuesday night, thought it could retain his technical boss. For its support and opinion. We are always grateful to you; it is the best coach in the history of the club. The success of the Barça coach left drag the suspense for months. Less than 48 hours after taking the enigmatic words press conference following the Elimination of FC Barcelona to Chelsea, Pep Guardiola ended the questions, railroaded the wishes of the leaders, players and all the staff. This is to ensure continuity with the outstanding work of Pep Guardiola that Barça appointed Tito Vilanova to succeed him. It was his Deputy. The announcement, which was a true clap of Thunder in the tenth minute of the press conference, puts an end to all speculation about the appointment of a new coach in the Catalan institution, while the names of Bielsa, Luis Enrique and white were for twenty-four hours.
I need to retrieve, that's why I'm leaving:
I sincerely hope that the person who will take the relay can make things that I couldn't do commented on Guardiola. The coach must be strong, it takes passion and energy to lead his players and I need to find it. And I see that in based me. I think that it would have been dangerous to continue. And I have an esteem of my players for what has been together that would never forgive me if we had failed him. I need to retrieve, that's why I'm leaving. I have been able to continue but I would not have been the coach that Barcelona deserves to have. It is a club with a unique power and I am not afraid because who is succeed me is in the ability to do the best possible. I would like to publicly thank my players, said Pep Guardiola before leaving the floor again to its leaders. They are the ones that gave a meaning to it all. I would like to especially thank them to be able to make real all these meetings I had imagined. This is what I take with me. Pep Guardiola, who had never led in the first division before taking the estate of Frank Rijkaard, in 2008, takes also with him thirteen trophies, won sixteen possible in three years of competition. This season, he can still afford to a fourteenth with the Copa Del Rey final, may 25 with Athletic Bilbao.

The Ukraine affected by a series of explosions.

The Ukraine affected by a series of explosions.
Four successive explosions occurred Friday in the centre of the city of Dnipropetrovsk, in the centre of the Ukraine. A new review of the Ukrainian Emergency Situations Ministry is State of at least 27 injured, including nine children. The first explosion, apparently due to an explosive device placed in a trash can near a tram stop occurred at 11: 50 p.m., local time. It has thirteen wounded. Half an hour later, a second bomb, also placed in a trash can, exploded near a cinema, affecting 11 people, including nine children. A third and a fourth explosion at least three more people wounded, said the authorities. The Prosecutor's Office opened an inquiry against terrorist acts. Nobody has yet been arrested, said a police spokesman. 25 people were hospitalized, according to the Minister of emergency situations Loulia Erchova, without being able to give information about their State of health. President Viktor Yanukovych has called challenge to the whole country these incidents in six weeks of the launch of the Euro-2012 football co organized by the Ukraine and the Poland nearby. The best investigators will be mobilized, said the head of State. Dnipropetrovsk will not matches of Euro-2012 host. The city is located about 100 kilometers from the closest host, Donetsk city, which will host its first game on June 11. The President promised that the best investigators will be mobilized. The Poland, that co organizes the competition, expressed particularly attentive to the situation. This case must be approached in a very serious manner said Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk. An attack in our region is something exceptional and the context of the Euro-2012 makes us particularly attentive to this kind of events, he added. Dnepropetrovsk, 400 km from the capital Kiev, is one of the most important Ukrainian industrial centers. This is that former President Leonid Kuchma began his political career. The city is also the birthplace of the opponent and former Prime Minister Loulia Tymoshenko. The bomb attacks are rare in Ukraine, where political tensions are important since Tymoshenko began a seven year prison sentence, last October. The opponent was sentenced for having abused his powers during his second tenure as Prime Minister between 2007 and 2010, which she denies. His prison situation and ill-treatment to which it said subject give rise to tensions between Europe and the Ukraine. A member of the Party of the opponent, Sergi Pachinsnki considered as Dnipropetrovsk explosions were meant to divert attention from the case, while the opponent started a hunger strike and denounced violence in a forced hospitalization. However, no information on the reasons for these incidents was available in early afternoon. Nothing is clear for the moment.

Britney Spears under the tutelage of Jason Trawick

Britney Spears under the tutelage of Jason Trawick
While she was under the exclusive supervision of his father since 2008, Britney Spears can now count on the support of her boyfriend Jason Trawick, designated co guardian. After having been hospitalized on several occasions in 2008, Britney Spears was placed under the tutelage of her father Jamie Spears by American justice, so that it manages the fortune of his daughter. At the request of the singer, a Los Angeles judge granted yesterday to her fiancé Jason Trawick co guardian status. Jason Trawick has therefore now the burden of control Britney Spears daily expenditures in the field of food, clothing or health. The father of the singer nevertheless retained exclusive control over the heritage of Britney Spears. The output of the tribunal, counsel for Jamie Spears said that his client was delighted with this development, as all remained with the family. Britney Spears should remain under supervision until the justice considers that it is not stable enough to handle his life without outside assistance. Hope that his future marriage can be cuts.

The King of Spain out of the hospital after his hip operation.

King of Spain Juan Carlos
King of Spain Juan Carlos is out of the hospital on Friday in Madrid, after surgery for a dislocated hip, said the Royal House, a few days after the installation of prosthesis due to a fracture suffered in a very criticized to the Botswana elephant hunting expedition. His Majesty the King received permission to exit at 11 a.m. this morning, 12 hours after the procedure to which it was submitted last night at the San José hospital, to reduce a dislocation it is made in the afternoon of yesterday to the right hip, said the release, signed by the surgeon who performed the operation and the Chief of the medical service of the Royal House.

London 2012 Olympic Games - Usain Bolt under the 9 ' 50, it is possible.

Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt could improve his record of the world in the 100 m (9 ' 58") and pass under the 9 ' 50 at the Olympic Games in London if London weather is favorable, said Thursday his coach Glen Mills.Je do not think that it is impossible for him to go under the 9"50 to the London Olympic Games 2012but the weather must be good." However I am not sure that London time will be lenient. Glen Mils believes in its champion. The coach of Usain Bolt, the triple Olympic champion, protected his capable of a resounding feat in August. The coach of the Jamaica stated that the world record was not an objective in itself: the records are just a bonus. Both better if you beat the record by winning the title. But the goal is the Olympic titles. He explained that Bolt should be healthy may 5 for his first event of the season, a 100 m at the meeting in Kingston, where his compatriot and colleague of training Yohan Blake will run the 200 m. Usain Bolt goes, it is in good shape, I expect a good exit on his part, said Jamaican coach which has denied rumors that the sprinter was not playing football. After Kingston, Jamaica 25 years has planned to run in Ostrava (Czech Republic) 25 May (100 m), in Rome on 31 May (100 m), in Oslo on 7 June (100 m) and Monaco on 20 July (200 m), his last race before the Olympic Games of the 27 July-12 August 2012. His compatriot and Rival Blake, world champion 2011 of the 100 m, leading to double 100 m and 200 m in London, will remain primarily in North America. He is including hired 100 m at the New York diamond League meeting on June 9. According to Mills, working the two sprinters, Usain Bolt and Rival Blake train at the same time but do not necessarily follow the same training program because they are not the same type of sprinters. We try to be specific in our programs, he explained.

Mariah Carey to Paris for his wedding anniversary

Mariah Carey to Paris for his wedding anniversary
Mariah Carey and her darling Nick Cannon have much to celebrate this weekend: 4 years of marriage, and the 1st anniversary of their babies. Direction Paris for the star family! What better city than Paris to celebrate a wedding anniversary? Four years after to be United for the life, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are concocted in a little more romantic stay in the city of lights for the occasion. And as they are not half things, they will also celebrate anything. And it is this evening that the two lovebirds have decided to honor their love and their happiness at two to Paris. Mariah Carey and her boy toy also booked this room a luxurious hotel with a view on the Eiffel Tower, according to the DailyMail. An intimate moment waited for the couple that continues to live under the flashes and searchlights. Moreover, they will greet the crowd and the media since the White House located Avenue shortly before Montaigne. Better yet, their wedding anniversary coincides with the first candle of their twins, Moroccan and Monroe. It is the family in full carpenters the streets of the French capital. Nick Cannon was even assigned to press US that this escapade with his dearest Mariah Carey would be exotic and really special. It now expected to know all the details.

Europa League - The final of the Europa League will oppose the Atlético Madrid and Athletic Bilbao

Athletic Bilbao striker Fernando Llorente
The final of the Europa League oppose the Atlético Madrid and Athletic Bilbao, Valencia (0-1) man who brought down, Athletic Bilbao, winner of the Sporting Portugal (3-1).The champions League has not smiled, they are comforted in Europa League. Spanish clubs have been the Act this Thursday and the final in Bucharest oppose Atlético Madrid Athletic Bilbao. Madrid waited the hour to avoid permanently Valence of a possible qualification to the final with a sumptuous goal of Adrian Lopez (1-0) and thus confirm their successful go it (4-2). Bilbao on his side had to fight against a courageous team of Sporting Portugal (3-1) and wait for an ultimate goal of Llorente in the last moments of the match (88e) to reach Bucharest on 9 May. The final of the C3 will be much 100% Spanish. At Valencia, following the established meeting time to emerge. Taken by the throat by the Valencianos enterprising and willing to back the two goals of late acquired in the game of go (4-2), Falcao and his people did not see the day in the first period. Unay Emery players however sinned in the last act despite numerous offensives. The image of these three mad minutes between the 20th and the 23rd minute game in which Valencia obtained not less than three free opportunities. At the same time 600 kilometres from the Estadio de Mestalla, Bilbao has made the most hard to find fault with Sporting with a realization of Susaeta on a beautiful presentation of the chest of Llorente (1-0, 17). Dominated in a first time, Basques then identified the head before cash a goal just before the break, the work of Van Wolfswinkel on a poorly cleared corner (1-1, 44th). A reversal which lasted only a minute as Jeronimo Gomez has restored the advantage to the adopted of a new great service on the part of Llorente (2-1, 45th).
-The jewel of Adrian Lopez, Llorente in tears:
At the back, is obvious to Valencia: premises have left their chance in the first period. Worse, Adrian Lopez helped his team to safety on a superb inspiration and a chain control recovery clear volley (0-1, 60 e) breast. Visitors at the top table to display and tactically proficient in the meeting, Valencia was never able to get back in the direction of travel. Under the pressure of a public which has never ceased to encourage his people, the meeting turned even for two minutes in battlefields. Out of it, Tiago inexplicably lost his cool and took to Soldado. The origin of the scuffle, a penalty not whistled for Valencia. The former Lyon player logically harvested a red card and left his team outnumbered in ten minutes from the end (79e). A disability that never was one for Madrid who held to the end to afford a place in the final overall deserved. Atlético Madrid will include another athletic, in Bilbao, which is avoided narrowly extensions to Sporting Portugal catchy but too vague. And who else to release a stage than Llorente, already double decisive smuggler, but that success had fled to the goal so far (3-1, 88th). Placed in the right place, at the right time to deflect a Jeronimo Gomez centre, Bilbao striker then collapsed in tears on the lawn when the final whistle, relieved to have offered his team a trip to Romania may 9. At the same time, it is all the Spain who could breathe. After the elimination time of Barcelona and the Real Madrid in the Champions League, the Iberians will still have a Spanish clash in the European Cup final.

Martin Lawrence and Wife Are Divorcing

Martin Lawrence
Fifteen years of life together before marrying in July 2010, and boom! Big Mamma actor, Martin Lawrence, and his wife Shamicka Gibbs decided to divorce. We will continue to remain friends and inhibitions our beautiful two girls in love and respect of each, whether the couple in a press release. They are the parents of Amara and Lyana, respectively aged 11 and 9 years. Actor, Board on the third episode of the saga to success Bad Boys in which he gives the reply to Will Smith, has already been married once to a former Miss Virginia, with whom he also had a daughter.

The President of the Paris SG wants to buy Paris Handball

Nasser al-Khelaifi
Will Paris Handball be saved from the waters by Nasser al-Khelaifi, the Qatari President of the Paris SG? Last of the Championship France of D1 and on the filing of record, the club chaired by Jean-Paul Onillon decided to seek Al-Khelaifi for a last chance operation, as is the team yesterday. The idea not dislike not to the boss of Paris SG and Al Jazeera Sports, mainly to three years of the Championships of the world organized by the Qatar. Since February, his lawyers are studying the record. The resumption of the club would only cost €50,000 and with a budget of 6 to 10 million€, Paris could compete in the future more or less close with Kiel, Barcelona, Montpellier and the other European cadors. But there is a problem. The Qataris would not warm to the idea of investing in a club relegated in D2. However, five days of the end of the Championship, Kevynn Nyokas partners are condemned to the feat to save their skin. More than a peacekeeping on the ground, the Parisian leaders hope especially a passage from 14 to 16 clubs in the championship season next to stay in the elite. The League will announce its decision about it Friday.

David Beckham: first man to do the cover of ELLE UK magazine

The Spice Boys David Beckham
The website of the Daily Mail has just announced a new that delights the readers of ELLE UK since it is other than David Beckham which will be the next cover of the magazine in July. It is a further huge scoop that the footballer to the many tattoos will be the first man to do the cover of the magazine. Indeed, only women had appeared on the first page of the famous publication until then. What is Victoria Beckham would have played a role in all of this? Nothing is safe. The footballer has in any case expressed his joy and pride in stating: it is a prestigious magazine with international recognition. I am honored to have been chosen to be the first man to cover. The unpublished issue will come out in July in the Olympic Games which take place this summer in London. It is therefore good news for David but to all readers, of course, as confirmed by the editor-in-Chief Lorraine Candy: who would not like to see the photo of one of the most beautiful men on the cover of a magazine? It will be a special issue.

Victoria Beckham: She is a Stewardess for Air!

Victoria Beckham
After having celebrated his 38th birthday last Tuesday, the former Spice Girls singer took the path of the job and flew to China. Beautiful designer has indeed released a photo of her playing air hostesses during his flight to Beijing. Posh Spice took place next to one of the hostesses of the airline and sat on folding seats for the crew. The following caption accompanying the photo of Victoria: crew, prepare to land! Welcome to Beijing. For a brief stop in Hong Kong. As usual, the former Spice Girl is perfectly dressed in a dress of its collection by Victoria Victoria Beckham and does no missteps, even for travel. Despite its relatively austere image in the media, Victoria is pleased to share his life with his fans. It has even entrusted to the Women's Wear Daily magazine. I try to show a side of my life more private to my fans. I also think that my fans and my clients get to know me and understand my humor through my tweets.

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