Football Liga - Real Madrid may be sacred champion.

Karim Benzema
Noon, it may have been a little bit early for a Real Madrid to the always visible hangover three days after being released on the wire of the champions League, on Wednesday. In any case, Asian fans club Merengue 12 h a schedule was adopted this season to provide a better visibility of the Liga for the Asian market will have enjoyed the show between décomplexés Sevilla and vengeful Madrid. José Mourinho chose to renew almost the same eleven than who has bitten the dust Wednesday evening, except Khedira ceded his place to Granero in the midfield. In front, the Andalusian relied on offensive trident Jesus Navas-Reyes-Negredo to sow disorder in the merengue rearguard. While the gloom and rain fell at the beginning of game on Santiago-Bernabeu, control was not surprisingly Madrid. But many visitors who showed the most incisive in the first minutes. Fazio thought even opening the score of a powerful recovery, due to a deep free-kick, but the goal was denied for a fault of Negredo on Pepe (4th). The same Fazio was dark a new centre for a whim of little next to the goals of Casillas (17th). But the Real, concentrated, finished by opening the score, by the high-power Cristiano Ronaldo, author of his 43rd goal of the season in Liga. Well offset by Benzema on the right of the surface, the Portuguese quietly adjusted Varas with a shot in the small net (1-0, 19th). An opening tricks the eye. Because it is well Seville which continued to be the more threatening. Against express led by Reyes, and relayed by Navas, who saw his fly while it was only facing Casillas (27th), then an another bites lost by Negredo with a poorly adjusted toe bullet (28th) reflected the ambient excitement. Despite this tetany in defence, the attack turned well, rest assured, and the festival started really early in the second period. Karim Benzema, mute C1 against the Munich, found the path of the fillets well launched into orbit by an offering of Di Maria (2-0, 49th). And this was not completed. Still mentally in the cloakroom, Sevilla were taking on water. Against lightning, with Sergio Ramos to the last pass, was concluded by the former Lyonnais of a plunging head (3-0, 51). Two goals and a decisive pass for the Blues striker. 112 goals in total for the Merengue this season. The end of game was free wheel for Madrid, while that disillusioned, the Andalusians were out Negredo and Reyes in an end of game where they had nothing to hope. You may need to wait until the next day to see the Real officially Spain champion. Certainly this week, in the match against Bilbao. Unless that Barça lose tonight against another Madrid club Rayo Vallecano. Finally, that'd be more surprised if.

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