Metropolitan Museum New York

Metropolitan Museum New York
Metropolitan Museum of New York is one of the most important and finest art museums in the world. Its collections include more than two million works of art covering 5000 years of cultures of the world, from prehistory to the present day, from all regions of the globe.
Founded in 1870, the Metropolitan Museum is located on Central Park along Fifth Avenue (from the 80ème to the 84th Street). In addition to its world-renowned collection, the Metropolitan Museum has more than 30 exhibitions per year, representing a wide range of artists, periods and cultures. Special exhibitions are available for free with admission. Access to the Met also includes the admission on the same day at the Museum and gardens of the cloisters, located in the North of Manhattan and on art, architecture and gardens of medieval Europe. The shop of puts, located near the main hall and several other strategically building, offers publications and reproductions made by the Museum, and other works and articles representative of the permanent collection and temporary exhibitions.
-Strong points:
Enjoy one of the most impressive collections of the world.
Discover exhibits spanning more than 5000 of human history.
Also receive an entry for the cloisters Museum and gardens.

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