Europa League - The final of the Europa League will oppose the Atlético Madrid and Athletic Bilbao

Athletic Bilbao striker Fernando Llorente
The final of the Europa League oppose the Atlético Madrid and Athletic Bilbao, Valencia (0-1) man who brought down, Athletic Bilbao, winner of the Sporting Portugal (3-1).The champions League has not smiled, they are comforted in Europa League. Spanish clubs have been the Act this Thursday and the final in Bucharest oppose Atlético Madrid Athletic Bilbao. Madrid waited the hour to avoid permanently Valence of a possible qualification to the final with a sumptuous goal of Adrian Lopez (1-0) and thus confirm their successful go it (4-2). Bilbao on his side had to fight against a courageous team of Sporting Portugal (3-1) and wait for an ultimate goal of Llorente in the last moments of the match (88e) to reach Bucharest on 9 May. The final of the C3 will be much 100% Spanish. At Valencia, following the established meeting time to emerge. Taken by the throat by the Valencianos enterprising and willing to back the two goals of late acquired in the game of go (4-2), Falcao and his people did not see the day in the first period. Unay Emery players however sinned in the last act despite numerous offensives. The image of these three mad minutes between the 20th and the 23rd minute game in which Valencia obtained not less than three free opportunities. At the same time 600 kilometres from the Estadio de Mestalla, Bilbao has made the most hard to find fault with Sporting with a realization of Susaeta on a beautiful presentation of the chest of Llorente (1-0, 17). Dominated in a first time, Basques then identified the head before cash a goal just before the break, the work of Van Wolfswinkel on a poorly cleared corner (1-1, 44th). A reversal which lasted only a minute as Jeronimo Gomez has restored the advantage to the adopted of a new great service on the part of Llorente (2-1, 45th).
-The jewel of Adrian Lopez, Llorente in tears:
At the back, is obvious to Valencia: premises have left their chance in the first period. Worse, Adrian Lopez helped his team to safety on a superb inspiration and a chain control recovery clear volley (0-1, 60 e) breast. Visitors at the top table to display and tactically proficient in the meeting, Valencia was never able to get back in the direction of travel. Under the pressure of a public which has never ceased to encourage his people, the meeting turned even for two minutes in battlefields. Out of it, Tiago inexplicably lost his cool and took to Soldado. The origin of the scuffle, a penalty not whistled for Valencia. The former Lyon player logically harvested a red card and left his team outnumbered in ten minutes from the end (79e). A disability that never was one for Madrid who held to the end to afford a place in the final overall deserved. Atlético Madrid will include another athletic, in Bilbao, which is avoided narrowly extensions to Sporting Portugal catchy but too vague. And who else to release a stage than Llorente, already double decisive smuggler, but that success had fled to the goal so far (3-1, 88th). Placed in the right place, at the right time to deflect a Jeronimo Gomez centre, Bilbao striker then collapsed in tears on the lawn when the final whistle, relieved to have offered his team a trip to Romania may 9. At the same time, it is all the Spain who could breathe. After the elimination time of Barcelona and the Real Madrid in the Champions League, the Iberians will still have a Spanish clash in the European Cup final.

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