London 2012 Olympic Games - Usain Bolt under the 9 ' 50, it is possible.

Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt could improve his record of the world in the 100 m (9 ' 58") and pass under the 9 ' 50 at the Olympic Games in London if London weather is favorable, said Thursday his coach Glen Mills.Je do not think that it is impossible for him to go under the 9"50 to the London Olympic Games 2012but the weather must be good." However I am not sure that London time will be lenient. Glen Mils believes in its champion. The coach of Usain Bolt, the triple Olympic champion, protected his capable of a resounding feat in August. The coach of the Jamaica stated that the world record was not an objective in itself: the records are just a bonus. Both better if you beat the record by winning the title. But the goal is the Olympic titles. He explained that Bolt should be healthy may 5 for his first event of the season, a 100 m at the meeting in Kingston, where his compatriot and colleague of training Yohan Blake will run the 200 m. Usain Bolt goes, it is in good shape, I expect a good exit on his part, said Jamaican coach which has denied rumors that the sprinter was not playing football. After Kingston, Jamaica 25 years has planned to run in Ostrava (Czech Republic) 25 May (100 m), in Rome on 31 May (100 m), in Oslo on 7 June (100 m) and Monaco on 20 July (200 m), his last race before the Olympic Games of the 27 July-12 August 2012. His compatriot and Rival Blake, world champion 2011 of the 100 m, leading to double 100 m and 200 m in London, will remain primarily in North America. He is including hired 100 m at the New York diamond League meeting on June 9. According to Mills, working the two sprinters, Usain Bolt and Rival Blake train at the same time but do not necessarily follow the same training program because they are not the same type of sprinters. We try to be specific in our programs, he explained.

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