Football Premier League - This is the one between Manchester City and Manchester United Monday at the Etihad Stadium.

A great derby for two Manchester today
Three days of the end of the Championship of England, Manchester certainly has in mind this air of the Stone Roses. The undisputed capital of English football holds its breath, ready to ignite for its antagonistic colors. The Reds Devils for United and the Citizens for Manchester City. The rivalry dates to 131 years but, once is not custom, the Citizens are only three points behind the Reds Devils at the time of the outcome. Traditionally based in the role to advance his rival despised for its success and its arrogance, Manchester City would take even if victorious head of the classification in a better goals difference. An unthinkable hypothesis three weeks ago when the men of Alex Ferguson, with eight points ahead, spun to a 20th domestic triumph before fail. A fool hope for Manchester City supporters used to cultivate with auto ridiculed their sad reputation as unrepentant losers until the takeover of the club by the Abu Dhabi ruling family in 2008. With colossal investments ($ 1 billion), Manchester City now threatens the supremacy of Manchester United. At the time, the buzz around this fateful derby becomes unreasonable in Manchester. Tickets will sell up to 1600€ on the Internet 17€ per minute of game. At this price, the defeat could have a bitter taste. As that of Manchester United, humiliated at Old Trafford (1-6) in the game go. The most horrible result of my career, says Alex Ferguson. A shock to the Red people who had more experienced such disappointment in the derby since 1974 when his former Idol Denis Law become Citizen sent his heart in the second division club by scoring on a reflex heel. With a few exceptions, including a bitter 5-1 in 1989, his compatriot Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United for twenty-five years, never had to worry about competition from Manchester City. Up to the lower ranks of noisy neighbor with a small club mentality. For Scottish Patriarch (70 years), the only derby to take seriously was the North of England against Liverpool. Before reviewing its final judgment because of the rise of Manchester City: Manchester City is our direct opponent for the title. This team can prevent us from continuing to win. But the players will be fully prepared to respond. We are in a better position than City which must prevail. We can throw a game void. A way to put pressure. On Roberto Mancini. Avoiding to enter the mind game by Sir Alex Ferguson, the Italian coach of City repeats forever that the title remains promised Manchester United even if his team is required in the derby. A worst case scenario that some City supporters speak not without humor in forecasting a performance against Queens Park Rangers, in the fight to save his place in the elite, on the final day of the Championship. Sign of the impossibility to design something that a history of frustration for a club whose last trophy dates back to the FA Cup in 2011.

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