Football Liga - Carles Puyol: It is a blow for us all that Pep Guardiola is no longer the coach of Barça but life continues.

Tito Vilanova and Pep Guardiola
Saturday, Carles Puyol made a tribute to Pep Guardiola press conference. The captain of FC Barcelona does not hide that the departure of coach is a blow. But he sees Tito Vilanova the ideal person to continue the project. Carles Puyol had nothing seen coming. The captain of Barcelona was not expected out of Pep Guardiola. We had noticed nothing, he continued to work with the same attitude and the same desire, entrusted the catalan Defender today press conference. If I it was asked again a week ago, I would have bet that it would remain. But Guardiola has decided otherwise. Evoking the praise of President Rossell, who considered the best coach in the history of FC Barcelona. Puyol, this departure is a blow. Obviously, it was also for Lionel Messi. Friday, the Argentine was not alongside teammates in the announcement of Pep Guardiola. But don't go not to infer that its relations with its future ex-entraîneur cooled. Lionel Messi is not scrambled with the coach, on the contrary, assured Puyol. These are the captains of the locker room who attended the press conference of departure and Leo chose to stay in the background. This precision made, the emblematic Barcelona defender did not breach a vibrant tribute to one who has already won thirteen titles on Catalan Bank. I would like to thank Pep Guardiola for that entire he has given; it leaves much to the football, a way of understanding, respect his opponent. It marked a before and an after in football. Now, life continues. Support, now, in Tito Vilanova to the estate. For Puyol, this is no doubt: that which shoulders Guardiola for four years is the ideal person to continue the project. Tito Vilanova knows this team as anyone else, he knows all about his philosophy.

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