Football Liga - FC Barcelona: Spanish Press takes his hat to Pep Guardiola

Tito Vilanova and Pep Guardiola
In the aftermath of the announcement of the departure of Pep Guardiola, coach of FC Barcelona, at the end of this season, the Spanish press welcomed Saturday the trajectory of the catalan coach and generally welcomed the choice of his successor, Tito Vilanova, his current right arm. The praise of course come from the Catalan press, which boasts both route unprecedented Guardiola, winner of 13 titles in 4 seasons at the head of Barcelona, and the relevance of the choice of Tito Vilanova. Pep goes, but Guardiola remains, and headline the daily Sport, for which the catalan 42 years technician Tito Vilanova embodies the most natural succession. El Mundo deportivo, with a a montage where the face of Guardiola gradually changes of Vilanova, he also stressed the evidence and the logic of this succession. For the catalan daily, this decision is evidence of the reflexes of the club and maturity to start a model transition. El Pais, less inclined to view his barcelonisme, was on the same wavelength: Francesc and Tito Vilanova is surely the the cleverer solution to cope with this transition. While welcoming the exceptional course of Pep Guardiola as a coach, Marca, the leading sports newspaper Spanish, closer to Real Madrid, said the wear and tear of the catalan technician. Tito Vilanova, take the relay, titled in one, explaining in subtitle: Guardiola was reluctant to face the decline of some heavy weight of the locker room. Pep Guardiola chose to go before that the good relationship with his dressing room becomes unpleasant, has developed Marca, giving for example the disputes this season with the Spanish international Gerard Piqué or with the Brazilian Dani Alves. But Marca he also sees Tito Vilanova a technician with a lot of personality and serious.

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