FC Barcelona won the cup of the King.

FC Barcelona won the cup of the King.
With easily 3-0 to Athletic Bilbao in the final of the cup of the King, FC Barcelona version Pep Guardiola puts an end to four crazy seasons and a total of 14 titles! Of course, the Barcelona celebrated to their iconic coach and even thanked him for all the work done. Interviewed at the end of the meeting, the catalan coach was very pleased to have won this yet another trophy but still played the modest. We have a very good season, winning four titles. On the match, we perform 35 minutes very good. And then we get a little up the foot in the second period where we play less well. But I am pleased. I know that with these players, I leave the club in good conditions. They will continue to move forward with other ideas, other game concepts. In the end, we earn 14 titles in four years, something very hard to achieve. Also, it has no concerns about the future of the Blaugrana formation which is in good hands he. I'm going with the sensation of letting good things at this club. I have not invented anything, but I am proud to have been a smuggler in this long history. It would be very presumptuous for me to think that this Barça is the best team in the history, but I think that we leave memories in the memory of the people. Before concluding on a tribute to Lionel Messi. On Lionel Messi, I do not know if this player can be helped in a way, but I am in any case proud to have lead to one which will probably be the best player that I would have never led. Winning 14 titles without him would have been impossible. In all likelihood, Pep Guardiola will take a sabbatical year at New York. Not to lead Thierry Henry in the New York Red Bull, but rather to take advantage of his family. A decision deplored by Roman Abramovich who tried these last 48 h to convince the Spanish coach to reach the European champions in title as reported in The Sun this morning. But fatigue accumulated these past four years should not change Pep Guardiola.

London Olympics 2012 - Usain Bolt arrives in Europe to London at his feet.

Usain Bolt arrives in Europe to London at his feet.
Ostrava and Rome, it will be on 100 m, Monaco on 200 m, while uncertainty still reigns over the distance it will select in the Norwegian capital. Monday last Usain Bolt got out of a private jet to foot in Europe, with the graceful simplicity that characterizes. On the tarmac of the airport Ostrava, the unavoidable Alfons Juck, agent, interpreter, but here the meeting organizer, allowed by the shaking strong in his arms, as it welcomes an old friend. Because Usain Bolt habits here, in this austere corner of the Czech Republic, located near the Polish and Slovak borders. Now six editions, the champion has to run, and in this more than any other Olympic year, it would have been inconceivable for him to not honor this appointment. I have really great fun to run here and my coach knows that it is one of the meetings that I would honor every year, said Usain Bolt upon arrival. One thing is certain: Usain Bolt wants to put things to the point, as early as its first European stride Friday. I'd be faster than my opening race. I think I'm in great shape as I think I can still run faster, a time in dry 9.70 would be a good time for me, he launched. Of course, he is head of global budgets on 100 m, with a time of astonishing entry set to 9.82 may 6. But the Jamaican idols feels the hot breath of its partner training Yohan Blake, which already last year had benefited from the false start of Usain Bolt on him to take the world Crown on the distance. Yohan Blake has also already marked the spirits with a very impressive 9.84 may 9. Usain Bolt has also not hesitated Wednesday to tease his young rival, remained in Jamaica. We have different needs at different times of the season. Perhaps that is not in great shape at the moment, and that is why he will not face large be sure to be shaped. Me, I think I have to show what I'm worth, it dropped. Usain Bolt also has in mind the American Justin Gatlin that after four years of suspension for doping and two others passed to back to its best levels, recalled to the good memory of all Jamaicans her in hair on the wire Asafa Powell at the first meeting of the season at Doha diamond League on May 11. Usain Bolt is hard, no doubt, but the competition is coming affine. In Czech Republic, the sprint King Usain Bolt begins a tour of the great Dukes to enable him to assert his authority and chronos kicked take distance a psychological ascendancy over the competition.

Roland Garros: from Roger Federer Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are the favorites.

Roland Garros:  from Roger Federer Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are the favorites.
Winner of the event in 2009, Roger Federer Roland-Garros this year still knowing that he can't addresses far away in a land of choice. Roger Federer with Grand Slam to his 16 tournaments always have great difficulties on the ochre of the d'Auteuil door where he raised the trophy three years ago once. Rafael Nadal, injured, had defeated in the eighth finals. This year, Rafael Nadal is in full possession of his means, just as the world number one, Novak Djokovic, the main rivals of Roger Federer. This is the most difficult tournament for me. It's been something very special to win here. Roland-Garros is always very special, told the Switzerland which has also its top four Open of Australia, six Wimbledon and 5 US Open. Asked about the Big Four, which made with Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray, fourth ATP, Roger Federer described the interesting situation. It is interesting to see this balance. It's like when you climb in the juniors, it is based on one and the other. It grows one and the other. It starts in your area, in your country, and then it is international. I lived it. After, the living at the highest level, he said. When all the others play, you also gamble. You can also miss, it's always like this. There are strong times in tennis at the moment. Is not less than Roger Federer as for many others, Rafael Nadal, seven times winner of the race and holding the title, remains the favorite. Rafael Nadal is the favorite for the seventh title. He lost no set in Rome, Monte Carlo and Barcelona. After, it is the seventh here at Rolland Garros for me, is the big favorite because I played him here so many times that I know how it is incredible at Roland Garros, said Roger Federer. Novak Djokovic, it is normal that it is also one of the big favorites, and I also, with all that I have accomplished. For me, it is Rafael Nadal first, Novak Djokovic in the second, my third. In the end, I do not think that this thing great change once the tournament is launched, that it faces. We pass the first round, and after it will be seen subsequently.

Elton John goes through the hospital and cancels three concerts.

Elton John goes through the hospital and cancels three concerts
The British singer was admitted to Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, Wednesday, because of a severe respiratory infection contracted last week. He was very disappointed to have to cancel three performances in Las Vegas. A too sing, he has lost his voice. Elton John contracted a severe respiratory infection last weekend during a representation to the Colosseum, concert hall which is part of the Caesar's Palace complex in Las Vegas where he gave a series of concerts from September. Drugs and the rest not have not enough since during the week, his State of health deteriorated, said his spokesman Thursday. The results have led this doctor to recommend to Elton John for not giving concerts for approximately seven days, to observe a complete rest and antibiotic treatment to heal his respiratory infection and avoid any aggravation. The performances of his show The Million Dollar Piano Thursday, Saturday and Sunday have thus been cancelled. A decision that affected the singer and he is very disappointed not being able to sing for his fans. I love this show and I will be very enthusiastic in October when we will return to give 11 performances to programming. Next major appointment for the British icon? A concert at Buckingham Palace on 4 June next at the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee. At his side, will be including Paul McCartney, Kylie Minogue and Chinese pianist Lang Lang.

Claude Puel made no secret of its ambitions to see play the Europa League and the Champions League for OGC Nice.

Claude Puel made no secret of its ambitions to see play the Europa League and the Champions League for OGC Nice.
Just arrived in Nice. A project that is not unlike what he had succeeded with Lille before his adventure with Lyon. A year later of des wills not enough to reduce the ambitions of Claude Puel. (A). A goal that seems yet inaccessible to the results of the club, which has never been better that an 8th place in the standings since his return in the elite in 2002 and who finished last year at the 13th position. What request Claude Puel Eaglets leaving the possibility of making their evidence: three years is a good time to make a preliminary assessment? The Gym will then start to be competitive, and good bases will have to be explained Claude Puel. It's work but after a sabbatical year, I have energy. No doubt, Claude Puel found motivation, which had conducted it its beautiful years in Lille (2002-2008) where his work of training had paid since it had been the LOSC to champions League. Nice, its General Coach role, to the Sports Authority extended to the club, is in this sense, as the reliance by its President Jean-Pierre River. He understood mechanisms and escalation to his desire to develop the club. Everyone knows the potential of the GYM. This project interests me and me is. 50 Years, Claude Puel will begin his new challenge with mission to build a staff, including only Lionel Letizi for the moment. Then comes the period of transfers, where it will be according to the malignant recruited technician with a limited budget this summer.

Paris SG faces Barcelona in friendly.

Paris SG faces Barcelona in friendly.
Paris SG will play a friendly match against FC Barcelona on 4 August in the Park of Princes, in conclusion of a summer preparation prestigious. Before the Champions League, Paris SG will have already crossed the path of a few European tenors. The capital club will indeed confront prestigious opponents in his summer preparation, with in point a friendly encounter against FC Barcelona on 4 August in the Park of Princes. The teams of Lionel Messi will not the only cador Parisians program this summer. After their internship in Austria this summer, they challenge indeed Chelsea, champion of Europe, July 22 in New York, then the Juventus Turin, champion of Italy, on 31 July in Montreal.

Festival de Cannes : There is not yet a date fixed for the wedding of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

There is not yet a date fixed for the wedding of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
Brad Pitt said Tuesday in Cannes that no date had been set for his marriage to Angelina Jolie which, he said, will not come this year at the Cannes film festival. We are not still date, we have really no date, explained the actor to the press at the end of the projection of Cogan (Killing them softly) of the Australian Andrew Dominik, in competition, in which he camped a killer for hire which is clean up the mafia. For dates, it is that rumors, he said in response to a question about a possible marriage in August. Brad Pitt also indicated that Angelina Jolie would not present at his side Tuesday evening for the rise of the stairs.

Ligue 1 - President of Paris SG Nasser Al-Khelaifi wants to remain at the Park of Princes.

League 1 - President of Paris SG Nasser Al-Khelaifi wants to remain at the Park of Princes.
Paris President Nasser Al-Khelaifi wants to remain at the Parc des Princes. But he wished to destroy it to build a new enclosure of 60,000 at the same location. Plan B? A simple renovation which would increase the capacity of the park with 50,000 seats against 45 000 currently. We dream big. Nasser Al-Khelaifi familiar song. The President of the Paris Saint-Germain returned in an interview with AFP on the thorny subject of the Park of Princes. For fans, out of question to relocate the playground of the red and blue. Paris SG, this is the Porte de Saint-Cloud. And the pattern of QSI knows it is better not to annoy the fans. We dream of having a stage of 60 000 places here that is against 45 000, to the location of the Park of Princes. This is our number one option provides. The compromise is, but the investment will be cumbersome and time-consuming. It is simple. Have 60,000, to destroy the stage. Which would involve major work on the area around the House and especially the consequences on traffic, since the peripheral boulevard passes under the stage. At the time, it is not so easy to convince the municipality of Paris. There is a plan B: a simple renovation. If reconstruction is not possible, we want to renovate the stadium to 50,000 seats, said Nasser Al-Khelaifi which adds have other options without going into details.
-The Prince Park is our home:
The expansion of the capacity of the Parc des Princes is a condition inherent in the progression of the club at the continental scale. Paris is the capital, it deserves a larger stage, continued the Parisian President. I love this place. This is our House. Attendance has greatly increased this season, it will further increase the season next with the League of champions. But if the reconstruction of the Ile-de-France enclosure is the priority, it also would mean that Paris Saint-Germain may temporarily take his quarters at the France Stadium in a few seasons. The event is not in any case precluded: we discuss with everyone. Jean-Claude white is responsible for this file. The Associate Director-General will make an announcement as soon as a decision has been made. The arrival of Carlo Ancelotti was the head of the first team resulted in a profound change in training methods. The upper stage, it is the modification of facilities. Nasser Al-Khelaifi and thinkers the Parisian club heads have thought: we have a large project in Paris. A huge project. A very large training centre with very high quality facilities. During the last winter truce, the collective Council of Ile-de-France had had to travel to Doha for optimal conditions. The Parisian leaders have started negotiations with the city where already the Camp des Loges. And as for the stage, the President of the Paris SG says there are other options.

Festival de Cannes: 2 500€ to interview Brad Pitt?

Festival de Cannes: 2 500€ to interview Brad Pitt?
The festival de Cannes is the perfect opportunity to meet with au gratin of international cinema. The actors and actresses are often delighted to come defend their film and journalists are a pleasure to ease the task. But this year, for the first time, some media have had to put hand to the Pocket for interviews. If you are currently in Cannes and you just want to interview Brad Pitt, come on the Croisette to defend his film Killing Them Softly, be aware that going diving hand in the portfolio and escape approximately 2 500€. According to the site Spiegel.de, this is in any case having asked some distributors Canadian journalists accredited to interview Brad Pitt. Prices may even vary depending on whether the media part of the press, radio or television. But that's not all: it must also pay to be able to approach this Kristen Stewart in Cannes to present the film on the road. Canadians are not the only ones to be affected by this phenomenon since some German journalists were served by distributors to make a small financial gesture to talk to Nicole Kidman and Matthew Mc Conaughey, which are currently promoting The Paperboy. The Distributor Alliance attempted to explain: it is long that distributors pay for access to films stars, explained Annie Tremblay, vice President Communications Group, at the Canadian newspaper La Presse. When we send for example of journalists in Los Angeles, the costs of the trip as access to the stars are at our expense. We do not always pay stars but it is more and more often. And in places like Cannes, these celebrities arrive with their agent, their hairdresser, their make-up, etc. It is expensive. In the past, we have already paid for meetings in Cannes, she then continued. This is not because it has been done in the past that this is less outrageous.

Justin Bieber arrives in Paris on 1 June next for an exclusive show.

Justin Bieber arrives in Paris on 1 June next for an exclusive show.
After la bomba latina Jennifer Lopez in 2011, NRJ is once again the package for its listeners by providing a unique and international scene at the NRJ Music Tour. Indeed, for his first French stage in 2012, it's young Canadian singer with millions of albums sold, Justin Bieber, who was chosen to be the head of poster of this famous show, which is the largest European musical tour. Justin Bieber then disembark Friday June 1 in Paris in the heart of the Salle Wagram and will present for the first time some titles of his latest album Believe in the tanks as early as June 18 whose Boyfriend, or even Turn To You.It is once again Cauet, host of the 21 h-midnight on NRJ, which will be the order of the free concert bringing together the stars of the time for 1 h 30 of unreported show. Because indeed, Justin Bieber will not be the only fire: Jenifer, the musical 1789 the bastille, Merwan Rim lovers, Tara McDonald and Mutine will also be full ears! No place is on sale... Then if you want to attend this concert, know that spaces are to gain exclusivity on NRJ this Saturday, May 19, playing on the antenna of NRJ, nrj.fr site, and facebook and NRJ official twitter pages.

Football Premier League - Didier Drogba will be leaving Chelsea.

Didier Drogba will be leaving Chelsea.
Chelsea announced on his official website the departure of his Ivorian striker, Didier Drogba, at the end of his contract in June. Didier Drogba will therefore leave the Blues after eight years at Stamford Bridge. He did not reveal his next destination. Nothing is more difficult to succeed its output. Didier Drogba, he is not missing. Saturday, he completed his London career by a shot the decisive goal in the final of the Champions League. Three days later, he formalized his departure on the Chelsea site, after eight years of good and loyal service. I wanted to put an end to the speculation and confirm that I leave Chelsea. The decision was difficult and I am proud of what we have succeeded with this club, but it was time for me to go to new challenges, said 34 year old striker who has not yet revealed its future destination. End-of-contract in June, Didier Drogba long wished to extend its lease with the Blues. While the club was more inclined to offer him a further year when the player was two, the Ivorian has finally decided to stop there. Saturday against Bayern victory finally convinced him to leave: as that team, we have so much done things and won all possible trophies. Saturday remains as a very special moment for everyone at the club, and even the fans, he said today. Didier Drogba is a legend of Chelsea and part forever family, the Director General of the club, Ron Gourlay has responded. Come back from Marseille in July 2004, Didier Drogba will have marked the history of the Blues in scoring 157 goals in 341 games played, which makes him the 4th top scorer in the history of the Chelsea Football Club. Drogba also won 3 titles of champion of England, 4 sections of England and, of course, the Champions League.

Football Liga - José Mourinho has extended his contract with Real Madrid until June 2016.

José Mourinho has extended his contract with Real Madrid until June 2016
The coach of Real Madrid José Mourinho has extended his contract with the club in the Spanish capital until June 2016. Come in 2010 from the Inter of Milan, The Special One won the title of champion of Spain this season. The story of love between José Mourinho and Real Madrid is not about to stop. The merengue club announced that he had found an agreement with the Portuguese technician for a two years contract extension. The Special One is now linked to the White House, where he arrived on May 31, 2010, until June 2016, while rumors announcing his departure did surface during the season. José Mourinho has helped Real Madrid to reconnect with national Rite after four years of domination Barcelona, with a historical season to the key. The merengue club beat his record points (100), WINS (32) and goals scored (121) on a Championship. After two seasons in Madrid, Portuguese is already the fifth coach to have recorded the most WINS in Liga in the history of the Real. He had also won the King's Cup last season with a success on Barça to the final (1-0, a.p.), but failed twice consecutively in the semi-finals of the champions League.) With the 32nd title of Spain champion won by Real Madrid, Mourinho, aged 49 years, joined the Austrian Ernst Happel and the Italian Giovanni Trapattoni in the very close circle of champions coaches in four countries different (Portugal, England, Italy, Spain). It is also the only coach to have won two leagues of the champions with two clubs (FC Porto 2004 and Inter Milan 2010) from Ernst Happel (Feyenoord 1970 and Hamburg 1983) and the German Ottmar Hitzfeld (1997 Dortmund and Bayern 2001). His next goal will be to the Decima, a tenth success in C1, the Madrid club.

Champions League - Didier Drogba wants to conquer Europe with Chelsea.

Didier Drogba wants to conquer Europe with Chelsea.
Didier Drogba has won with Chelsea three Championships, four sections of England, two sections of the League, but his still lacking at the continental level. Finally will avert the fate? Excluded in the last minutes of the extension, Didier Drogba had lost the final of the champions League in 2008 against Manchester United (1-1, 5-6 in the shootout) with Chelsea. He was also inclined with Olympique de Marseille in the final of the 2004 UEFA Cup. Not to mention its setbacks in national team. Didier Drogba is indeed passed next to its finals with Cote d'Ivoire in Africa Cup of nations. In 2006 against the Egypt, and against Zambia this year, missing each time its penalties. This is not a personal matter. There is nothing to say about me. I will not play for me, but for the club, provides. A height for one of the best forwards in the world. I have had disappointments, but also moments in the finals and I will try to ensure that the next is a. In competition with Fernando Torres, Didier Drogba has a season saw tooth with disappointing statistics, only 5 goals in 24 games in the League. His season, it is true, has been much disturbed by a head injury after a clash with Norwich goalkeeper last August. He has however been often decisive in the big games. As on 5 may, in the final of the cup of England in Liverpool, where he scored his eighth goal in as many games at Wembley. Or in champions League, with five achievements in seven games. It is him who scored the only goal in the victory against Barcelona in the semi-finals to go. Arrived at Chelsea in 2004 to 33 M€ from Marseille, he reached this season the bar of 100 Premier League goals by becoming the fourth goal scorer of all time of the London club. Twice top scorer of the Championship in 2007 (20 goals) and in 2010 (29), Drogba, the machine to mark and to torture defenders by his imposing physique, will continue their adventure next season? End-of-contract in June, he refused for the moment to discuss his future. According to his entourage, he would still finish his career under the Jersey of the Blues. His contract extension negotiations are at a standstill. Discussions foundered on a question of time: the player wants to two years, the club only one year. Rumors send it join Nicolas Anelka in Shanghai, or his friend Samuel Eto'o with the Russian club of the Anji Makhachkala and FC Barcelona. Certainty, a European Saturday with Chelsea Rite would be the best title of his rich and beautiful career.

Lady Gaga: a second concert could be cancelled.

A second concert of Lady Gagacould be cancelled.
Lady Gaga has been forced to cancel a concert in Jakarta because the show was considered too causing by the Indonesian authorities, the popstar risk having to remove a second concert in the Philippines. The BTWball of Lady Gaga in Asia tours much controversy. Indeed, singer has many difficulties to accept his concert in several Asian countries. The pop star was indeed forced to cancel his show in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, because Islamic groups described as the Satanic and vulgar. In addition, youth less than 18 years were denied the entry of his concert in Seoul, capital of South Korea, because the show was considered too causing. It is today in the capital of the Philippines, Manila, the star encountered serious problems. About 70 members of a group of Christian extremists have demonstrated their discontent to the Mayor of Pasay, a town near Manila. People were protesting against the vulgarity and the provocation of Gaga, however, their largest claim was to banish the Judas of the concert song, considered too profane. The Mayor of Pasay has therefore confirmed that the concert should follow the rules listed in the concert permit previously given by the authorities of the city. Then, he admitted having talked with producers of the singer asking that the show shows no nudity or behavior which could affect the morality and traditions. A Filipino Member of Parliament further stated that he would everything in place so that Lady Gaga cannot interpret his hit Judas in Manila. Otherwise, the singer risk six months to a year in prison for insulting religion. The provocative not in will certainly not to his head this time.

Cristiano Ronaldo is always sure to be better than Lionel Messi.

Cristiano Ronaldo is always sure to be better than Lionel Messi
Known, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are among the best players in the world in football. For three years, Lionel Messi is affectionately, stack the Golden balloons. Despite the awards and the 50 goals of Lionel Messi this season with Barcelona, Cristiano Ronaldo has no doubt. It is best that Lionel Messi he assured in an interview on CNN. A statement that it still takes care to put into perspective. Do not compare a Porsche and a Ferrari. Beautiful player in his own way, Cristiano Ronaldo held to thank his rival, because he allowed me to improve me as much.

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