Kate Middleton is also a great sport.

Kate Middleton is also a great sport.

If Kate Middleton is known for her sharp sense of style, the young woman is also a great sport. Ringside seat at the London Olympics and accustomed tennis matches, the young woman has seen its investment since sports awards won his honorary membership card to the All England Tennis Club behind the renowned Wimbledon. If for the moment Kate Middleton is private output and limit his travel to the park and Starbuck's on the corner, she still finds a way to get a new job. The All England Tennis Club, a private club that is responsible for the organization of Wimbledon, has indeed given honorary membership card to the young woman keen on tennis. Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa Middleton are indeed accustomed to meeting and never fail to impose their charm in the stands. This year, the beautiful Duchess will receive a new privilege; it will not be present at meetings of the end of June because his delivery is planned for the month of July. In addition to being one of the honorary members, it is rumored that Kate could take over from the current President of the All England Tennis Club, the Duke of Kent. The young woman is indeed known for his love for the sport and it has proven many times that it is engaged in a demonstration tennis, football or even hockey. Graceful, stylish and sporty.

Novak Djokovic won the Australian Open.

Novak Djokovic
Now six-time winner Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic is filled. Sunday, during his press conference after the final apologizing for having to leave journalists rather quickly (it was going to fly in the wake to return as soon as possible in Europe), the Serb made a small distribution of chocolates reporters. We tried to introduce this little tradition at the Masters at the end of last year at the last press conference and I would do the same thing here before I go. Sometimes you would almost want blame him for wanting to meet and seduce his audience. Never an angry word. The tone does not rise. If Novak Djokovic took on Andy Murray not, this is primarily because the Serb has seized its opportunities and its nature force going forward. This is a duel between Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray with a physical battle, certainly, on this level, Murray declined dramatically around three hours of gameplay Should we see the effects of their semi-final four hours against Roger Federer? No doubt. Especially as Novak Djokovic, he had received an additional day of rest. Its half against David Ferrer, also, had lasted an hour and a half away. Murray did not want to add on this point: I was hurting Saturday. After a four-hour match, you do not wake up being super fresh the next day. But I felt better than yesterday, I did a lot of work to recover and I do not think it was a problem today. I mean, I started the match very well, and I think I was moving pretty good on the court. Not a decisive aspect then? Probably not, but it probably weighed, though, especially after two exhausting sets, which lasted more than two hours. Without question, as we have seen, Murray also discussed the difference between the two protagonists of the final, which is a particularity of the Australian Open: This is something that the tournament should look.

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