Rafael Benitez replaces Roberto Di Matteo

Rafael Benitez
Rafael Benítez was appointed manager acting club from Chelsea as a replacement for Roberto di Matteo, thanked this Wednesday morning. Former Liverpool manager has a contract that runs until the end of the season. Facing Manchester City Sunday, Rafael Benítez will be on the bench for Chelsea. Rafael Benítez was appointed Wednesday manager Blues, a few hours after the announcement of the dismissal of Roberto Di Matteo. Remained for six seasons on the bench for Liverpool and free of any contract since his departure from Inter Milan in December 2010, the former Liverpool and Valencia coach is committed until the end of the season with Chelsea, has announced a release of the club which speaks of an "acting appointment". The duration of the contract and the qualification of the position are not innocent. It leaves the door open to the possible from Pep Guardiola next summer. It is an open secret: the 14 titles with Barca coach thrills the London club the wealthy Russian owner Roman Abramovich. This is not new. Since last summer and the departure of the Catalan of Barcelona, its name runs with emphasis on the banks of the Thames. For Roman Abramovich, Pep Guardiola is the coach who could practice a play appealing to his team. His new hope after winning the champions League. PEP Guardiola will perhaps accept that did not today: out of his sabbatical year. It is perhaps that part delivery. In the meantime, it was Rafael Benitez who will stick. He had already been contacted in March after the departure of André Villas-Boas. At the time, he refused to play the role of acting by the Blues. Today, he said yes. The proposal is longer and Roman Abramovich would have put the hand in the Pocket to convince him to accept this mission in the short term, according to British media. Rafael Benitez had never hidden his desire to return first League. The Chelsea challenge is also very enticing. However, he must quickly find the words so that his new protégés to redress the bar. After a good start in the Premier League, the Blues fell first to third place after a bad run of two defeats and two draws. And in the champions League, the defending champions are close to the exit after their defeat at Juventus (3-0). The ninth coach of Roman Abramovich at Chelsea, who will also have to revive its former star of the Reds Fernando Torres, will in any case remain at least a few months on the London bank. Perhaps if he and the Pep Guardiola option does not materialize. But it is still far away. Chelsea hopes already a shock against Manchester City next Sunday.


Daniel Craig in Skyfall
The franchise has historically always developed away from the American ceremony. But the 23rd James Bond has reason to believe in his chances. Only seven nominations and two oscars are to the top of the franchise James Bond, who is now twenty-three films since the release of Skyfall. And the components of the saga were each time appointed in categories say minor. For the 85th edition of the most prestigious of the ceremonies of the cinema, the production of the film is well represented. This is Sam Mendes, who started the seduction number, reports the Los Angeles Times. According to the daily, the Director spends much of his time in Hollywood, to meet producers and directors, very influential associations in the middle of the seventh art. A special screening of Skyfall was even held earlier this month, for representatives of the Academy of the Oscars. Producers Michael g. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli were present in the company of the two James Bond Girls Bernice Marlohe and Jorge Harris. Skyfall has reason to believe in his chances. The press was almost unanimous. The performance of Daniel Craig was widely hailed for interpreting very faithful to the books of Ian Fleming. But it's especially Javier Bardem who has received attention. The Guardian believes the Spanish actor is shade for Daniel Craig, with which he played a gay-friendly scene that marked the spirits. After opened his star on Hollywood Boulevard, Bardem could be a contender if not for the Oscar for best actor, at least for the supporting actor. Feminine, the James Bond Girls are less present in Skyfall. The plot is centered on M, played by Judi Dench. Already rewarded for her role in Shakespeare in Love in 1999, actress has repeatedly nominated for the Academy Award for best actress. It could be part of the potential names in the running for the statuette. Roger Deakins, the cinematographer already was appointed nine times at the Oscars for No Country for Old Men. It is therefore a serious candidate for the film crew. As Sam Mendes as Director, or Skyfall in the best film category, the competition will be very hard. It could be confronted with Steven Spielberg with his Lincoln film, or even Ben Laden stalking recounted in Zero Dark Thirty of Kathryn Bigelow. Django Unchained, Quentin Tarantino, could also appeal to the Academy, as The Artist had done previously. The announcement of the appointments will be made public on January 10 and the awards ceremony will take place on February 24, in Los Angeles.

Roberto Di Matteo fired Chelsea.

Roberto Di Matteo
Roman Abramovich is not trolling. After the stinging defeat of Chelsea against Juventus in Turin last night (3-0), the Russian has decided to separate from his coach Roberto Di Matteo. It was his defeat of too. Already on the rope for a few weeks, Roberto Di Matteo did not resist the failure of the Blues last night in Piedmont land (3-0). As Luiz Scolari and André Villas-Boas, the Italian coach will be so no Christmas at Chelsea. The London club has indeed published a press release announcing his dismissal. Chelsea Football Club separated this morning of his manager Roberto Di Matteo. The recent appearances of the team and its results were not good enough. The owner as well as the Board of Directors felt that a change was necessary to keep the club in the right direction because we are in an important period of the season. The owner and the Board of Directors want to thank Roberto Di Matteo for everything he did for the club since he came to Office in March. Roberto Di Matteo has guided the team to a historic Champions League victory and a seventh Cup England. Real coach consumer, Roman Abramovich was not trolling. A little forced to extend Roberto Di Matteo this summer after the rite of the Blues in the Champions League, Roman Abramovich appeared to be patiently waiting for the first big Italian failures to be separate and induct more deemed qualified. It is now done, although no one knows yet who will be the lucky elected although the Spanish Rafa Benitez was announced as the odds-on favorite since Pep Guardiola would have already declined the offer. Harry Redknapp would also be part of the mentioned men. Pending a knowledge that will take place on the London Bank, one can notice that Abramovich is definitely very anxious in the first third of the season. Roberto Di Matteo will indeed have five days more than André Villas-Boas and eighteen more than Luiz Felipe Scolari, both also thanked before the winter break.

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