London Olympics 2012 - Usain Bolt arrives in Europe to London at his feet.

Usain Bolt arrives in Europe to London at his feet.
Ostrava and Rome, it will be on 100 m, Monaco on 200 m, while uncertainty still reigns over the distance it will select in the Norwegian capital. Monday last Usain Bolt got out of a private jet to foot in Europe, with the graceful simplicity that characterizes. On the tarmac of the airport Ostrava, the unavoidable Alfons Juck, agent, interpreter, but here the meeting organizer, allowed by the shaking strong in his arms, as it welcomes an old friend. Because Usain Bolt habits here, in this austere corner of the Czech Republic, located near the Polish and Slovak borders. Now six editions, the champion has to run, and in this more than any other Olympic year, it would have been inconceivable for him to not honor this appointment. I have really great fun to run here and my coach knows that it is one of the meetings that I would honor every year, said Usain Bolt upon arrival. One thing is certain: Usain Bolt wants to put things to the point, as early as its first European stride Friday. I'd be faster than my opening race. I think I'm in great shape as I think I can still run faster, a time in dry 9.70 would be a good time for me, he launched. Of course, he is head of global budgets on 100 m, with a time of astonishing entry set to 9.82 may 6. But the Jamaican idols feels the hot breath of its partner training Yohan Blake, which already last year had benefited from the false start of Usain Bolt on him to take the world Crown on the distance. Yohan Blake has also already marked the spirits with a very impressive 9.84 may 9. Usain Bolt has also not hesitated Wednesday to tease his young rival, remained in Jamaica. We have different needs at different times of the season. Perhaps that is not in great shape at the moment, and that is why he will not face large be sure to be shaped. Me, I think I have to show what I'm worth, it dropped. Usain Bolt also has in mind the American Justin Gatlin that after four years of suspension for doping and two others passed to back to its best levels, recalled to the good memory of all Jamaicans her in hair on the wire Asafa Powell at the first meeting of the season at Doha diamond League on May 11. Usain Bolt is hard, no doubt, but the competition is coming affine. In Czech Republic, the sprint King Usain Bolt begins a tour of the great Dukes to enable him to assert his authority and chronos kicked take distance a psychological ascendancy over the competition.

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