Lady Gaga: a second concert could be cancelled.

A second concert of Lady Gagacould be cancelled.
Lady Gaga has been forced to cancel a concert in Jakarta because the show was considered too causing by the Indonesian authorities, the popstar risk having to remove a second concert in the Philippines. The BTWball of Lady Gaga in Asia tours much controversy. Indeed, singer has many difficulties to accept his concert in several Asian countries. The pop star was indeed forced to cancel his show in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, because Islamic groups described as the Satanic and vulgar. In addition, youth less than 18 years were denied the entry of his concert in Seoul, capital of South Korea, because the show was considered too causing. It is today in the capital of the Philippines, Manila, the star encountered serious problems. About 70 members of a group of Christian extremists have demonstrated their discontent to the Mayor of Pasay, a town near Manila. People were protesting against the vulgarity and the provocation of Gaga, however, their largest claim was to banish the Judas of the concert song, considered too profane. The Mayor of Pasay has therefore confirmed that the concert should follow the rules listed in the concert permit previously given by the authorities of the city. Then, he admitted having talked with producers of the singer asking that the show shows no nudity or behavior which could affect the morality and traditions. A Filipino Member of Parliament further stated that he would everything in place so that Lady Gaga cannot interpret his hit Judas in Manila. Otherwise, the singer risk six months to a year in prison for insulting religion. The provocative not in will certainly not to his head this time.

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