Roberto Di Matteo fired Chelsea.

Roberto Di Matteo
Roman Abramovich is not trolling. After the stinging defeat of Chelsea against Juventus in Turin last night (3-0), the Russian has decided to separate from his coach Roberto Di Matteo. It was his defeat of too. Already on the rope for a few weeks, Roberto Di Matteo did not resist the failure of the Blues last night in Piedmont land (3-0). As Luiz Scolari and André Villas-Boas, the Italian coach will be so no Christmas at Chelsea. The London club has indeed published a press release announcing his dismissal. Chelsea Football Club separated this morning of his manager Roberto Di Matteo. The recent appearances of the team and its results were not good enough. The owner as well as the Board of Directors felt that a change was necessary to keep the club in the right direction because we are in an important period of the season. The owner and the Board of Directors want to thank Roberto Di Matteo for everything he did for the club since he came to Office in March. Roberto Di Matteo has guided the team to a historic Champions League victory and a seventh Cup England. Real coach consumer, Roman Abramovich was not trolling. A little forced to extend Roberto Di Matteo this summer after the rite of the Blues in the Champions League, Roman Abramovich appeared to be patiently waiting for the first big Italian failures to be separate and induct more deemed qualified. It is now done, although no one knows yet who will be the lucky elected although the Spanish Rafa Benitez was announced as the odds-on favorite since Pep Guardiola would have already declined the offer. Harry Redknapp would also be part of the mentioned men. Pending a knowledge that will take place on the London Bank, one can notice that Abramovich is definitely very anxious in the first third of the season. Roberto Di Matteo will indeed have five days more than André Villas-Boas and eighteen more than Luiz Felipe Scolari, both also thanked before the winter break.

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