Niagara falls

Niagara falls
The beauties of Niagara Falls are on the border of the State of New York in the USA and Ontario Canada. A town called Niagara Falls is shared by the two countries on each side of the border, bridges to move from one side to the other. They are the most important falls in North America. You can better see the side falls Canadian, where they fall of 52 meters on 792 meters in width, side American (falls of 21 meters 323 m wide).
There are in fact 3 falls:
-The Horseshoe Falls or Canadian falls
-American Falls)
-The Bridal Veil falls, lesser in size.
The word Niagara comes from the name of the Iroquois tribe Ongiara: Strait. These falls between Lake Erie to Lake Ontario.
According to Native American legends, Lelawala, a young beautiful woman, was engaged by his father to a brave man whom she despised. Rather than to marry Lelawala chooses to sacrifice his true love He - No, the God of Thunder who lived in a cave behind the iron horse. It brought his canoe to the quick of the Niagara River, and was reversed overboard. He - No the caught up while it fell and their minds would be bound together forever in the sanctuary of the God of Thunder, from falls. The area was visited by the French Explorer Samuel de Champlain in 1604. The energy of the Niagara Falls is converted into electricity by a hydroelectric power plant. 4 huge tunnels capture the waters a little more far to spend in turbines. Since the first daredevil, in 1829, a number of people have tried to down the falls by various means: feet, with cable, barrel of many experiments are being obviously resulted in the death of the intrepid. Any attempt is also prohibited. With the release of the film Niagara in 1953, in which played Marilyn Monroe falls experienced tourism resurgence; arriving today at a number of visitors around 15 million per year! The two cities hosting millions of tourists are obviously all possible and imaginable services. It takes two hours to go from Toronto, 5 h from Montreal. Don't forget your Passport to cross the border. -Canadian side, falls are beautifully illuminated in the evening until midnight. In underground, a path leads in observations rooms that give the illusion of being indoors even falls. The point of observation tower Skylon, located not far from it, offers perspective culminating on falls, and in the opposite direction, can also see beyond Toronto. Maid of the Mist cruise (named after a character in Indian mythology Ogiara), carry passengers in eddies behind the falls. Along the Niagara River, Niagara River Recreational Trail (the Niagara River recreational path) iterates through the 56 km from Fort Erie of Fort George, and presents many historic sites of the war of 1812. Of cable cars also carry visitors over the Vortex behind the falls. City of 78 815 inhabitants, the Canadian portion is a tourist area developed around the falls to encourage tourists to stay longer and enhance attractiveness of the city. More and more, Niagara Falls is also known for its casino, Casino Niagara. There is also an amusement park
-But for the US, the Niagara Falls can be admired paths hiking or Prospect Park observation tower. Nearby the cave of winds trails lead hikers by a staircase of some three hundred steps to a point below the falls of veil of the bride. The Niagara Scenic Trolley ("picturesque trams of the Niagara") also offer tours guided along the American falls.
The city: with its 55 593 inhabitants, it is part of the urban area of Buffalo. It offers also all types of attractions/activities/services and restaurants, for example as one who is at the top falls.

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