Disneyland Park Anaheim

Disneyland Park Anaheim
In the early 1950’s Walt Disney rolled the dice on 107 acres of Southern California real estate and a dream. It was the biggest gamble of his life. His dream was to build a place where everyone young and old could come and be a kid again. His vision was a place he called Disneyland. The happiest place on earth, It has that thing the imagination, and the feeling of happy excitement I knew when I was a kid. Walt Disney. Disneyland is the only Disney theme park that Walt Disney ever saw completed. He could often be seen strolling through his park speaking with guests and signing autographs. He would eventually head back to his office located above the fire station on Main Street with a head full of ideas about ways to improve the park. So it is no wonder that this theme park seems to embody many of his endearing characteristics and has thankfully over the years managed to hold onto much of its original charm. The park itself is essentially laid out the same as it was for its 1955 opening day with the exception of the addition of a new land called Mickey’s Toontown. Guests are still welcomed onto Main Street a reproduction and tribute to a 1900 turn-of-the-century Middle American small town. Main Street then empties guest into the hub of its spoke and wheel design with Sleeping Beauty Castle anchoring the hub. Guests are then funneled into one of four lands with an additional two lands that can be accessed from pedestrian pathways located further in the park.
-Fantasmic :
Guests are treated to this multimedia presentation on nights that the theme park is open late. Mickey reprises his role as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice from the classic film Fantasia. Amide laser images, fireworks, special lighting and a musical score that is first rate Mickey leads the battle of good over evil. We could back a truckload of superlatives up to this one and would not be over doing it. This is simply the best out door spectacular to be found at any theme park anywhere.
-25 minutes (weather permitting) :
Located at the end of Tom Sawyers Island with viewing available from Frontierland and New Orleans Square waterfront. Disneyland Monorail System.This futuristic transportation system can be used to transport guests from a busy & crowded theme park to the relative calm and tranquility of the Disney hotels and Downtown Disney. Even if your escape is just long enough to enjoy a more relaxing lunch than can be found in the park it will have been worth the effort.

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