SeaWorld California San Diego

SeaWorld California San Diego
SeaWorld is an amusement park devoted to marine animals. The Park mascot is Shamu, the majestic Orca impresses small and large. Visitors can enjoy different performances of Orcs, dolphins, sea lions and walk in the basins of observation. SeaWorld is a famous water park for its spectacular shows of Orca Shamu and his many marine species to be discovered in aquariums. The SeaWorld Adventure Park is a theme park center on the marine universe and all animal species that inhabit the oceans. Aquariums, shows and attractions are the main activities that await you in this unforgettable tour will plunge you for a day in the depths of the seas.
-SeaWorld, the world of the seas to the United States:
There are currently three SeaWorld parks in the United States. The first was opened in 1964 in San Diego, California. Originally, the Park had only a few high marine species in aquariums or participating in shows, but also attractions based on the same theme, all distributed on an area of eight hectares. The success was immediate. The fascinating performance of animals in aquatic shows conquered nearly 400,000 visitors within a year. Then followed the opening of another Park in Orlando, Florida, in 1973, and then to San Antonio, Texas, in 1988.

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