Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong
Located in the South of the island of Hong Kong, Ocean Park is an amusement park on the theme of the aquatic world. Extended 87 hectares, it decomposes into 2 sections, connected by a cable car 1, 5 km long. Through this complex, visitors will have the chance to travel through 6 worlds, all as interesting and impressive than others. Arrived at the main entrance, the tourists begin their visit by:
-Lowland Gardens, its pavilions, ancient temples, but also Hong Kong Jockey Club Giant Panda Habitat. This House has 4 prenames giant pandas Jiajia, Anan, Lele and Yingying. Here, can be seen live in their natural habitat, play, eat, and sleep. A small tour in the air will have to go to Sky Fair to a tower in hot-air balloon to more than 100 meters of altitude. At the top, absolute freedom and a beautiful view of the Park are to the appointment. With Cable Car, cable car, it joined Marineland while contemplating the Bay of Hong Kong.
-World Whisker's Harbour is dedicated to marine mammals. Visitors to Dolphin University will see eight dolphins (of which two are from an artificial insemination) in their daily lives evolve in their basin. Small and large will also learn the importance of protecting these mammals. A Whisker's Theatre, sea lions will show their delivery in a show entitled a Day in the life. After a small part education, children will travel to Tiny Town Games to test their agility at the arcade games.
-Once the ride by cable car is completed, tourists arrive at Marineland. A Sea Jelly Spectacular, more than 1,000 species of jellyfish of all colors and different sizes allow themselves admire. The sound of music and tinted lights, everyone can travel through the wonderful world of these mysterious creatures. To admire and give to eat seals and sea lions, it is Pacific Pier that needs to go. In the Atoll Reef section, 1,500 fish of 250 different species are present on 4 floors for the greatest pleasure of the passers-by. Speaking of floors, why not go to Ocean Park Tower, a flat form of observation, 72 meters of altitude. From up there, travelers will benefit from a view at 360 ° on the island of Hong Kong.
-Headlands wrinkles are the place that lovers of strong sensations will not miss under any pretext. Turbo Drop the Abyss is an armory which slowly mounts the equivalent of 20-storey and goes down in less than 5 seconds. For those who prefer the Russian mountains, should test The Dragon. 3 minutes to down 842 meters to 77 km / h. The Eagle will carry all those wishing to 31 meters in height for a party of 8 and 22 rotations per minute. Sensations and thrills guaranteed. He should also try crazy Galleon and Ferris wheel.
-Adventure land is a world dedicated to roller coaster and water games. Mine Train will carry visitors in a car for a mad crossing to 85 km/h. A Raging River, installed in sections of trees, the tourists depart adventure, through ravines and impressive waterfalls. You should also know that in this world, a giant escalator to go as well at Bird Paradise in all the attractions in Adventure land.
-After having tasted of good small flat, tourists finish their day at Ocean Park by the visit of the last world called Bird Paradise. They enter into the magical world of birds and can admire the 750 different species present in the Park through the Aviary or simply try to imitate pink flamingos, balancing on one leg.

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