Cité Interdide de Pékin

Cité Interdite de Pékin
The forbidden city is the symbol of the city and the most visited monument in China, it is classified in the world heritage of the UNESCO. He is the former Palace of the emperors immortalized by Bertolucci film - the last emperor. The Palace has housed the emperors Ming and Qing from the 15th century until the beginning of the last century in 1911. We advise you to focus on the less loaded hours the morning for example to take advantage of a less rushed visit. If you want as much know the atmosphere of the forbidden city to the sunset you will certainly need to share your pleasure with many other tourists and outside in the summer because opening times are strictly observed. Extending over 72 hectares, the forbidden city has 9 999,5 parts, protected by a wall of 10 metres high enclosure of 960 metres in the North to the South, and 750 metres off the East West. A wide moat of 52 metres bypasses the wall. Most of the buildings were constructed in wood. The large wooden columns erected on marble bases support the roof beautifully decorated and covered with yellow glazed tiles. The main buildings along the central axis which is also the axis of the city of Beijing, and others are divided on both sides, respecting the principle of symmetry. All available offers a majestic aspect. The architecture has divided the forbidden city in two parts: the outer Court and the inner courtyard.

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