Hakkeijima Sea Paradise Yokohama

-Spend the whole day at our sea paradise:
The island is approximately 24ha (the park zone of Yokohama City is 16.3 ha and the leisure zone is 7.7 ha). it is 18 times bigger than the grounds of the Tokyo dome. There is no admissions fee to enter our park. it is perfect for having picnics and taking long walks because cars and bikes are prohibited from entering. You get a sense of freedom while you are there and lose all track of time. it is also great for sightseeing and being one with nature in a leisurely way.
-Enjoy our romantic island at night:
When the sun sets, experience our outside illumination which turns our island into a place of fantasy. Our many attractions are specially lit up and the ships lights offshore create a romantic setting for lovers.
-Japan's largest collection of marine life all in one aqua museum:
Over 500 different varieties of fish with more than 100,000 sea creatures in all. It is one of the largest aquariums in Japan. There is an immense three-story aquarium filled with thousands of tropical and fresh water fish. You can travel through an undersea viewing tunnel which takes you through a section of our aquarium which is very popular.
-Spend the whole day at our sea paradise:
At 107 meters high, you can enjoy an exhilarating vertical fall amusement (blue fall). We have Japan’s first surf coaster that swings out over the water, our world famous merry-go-round with thousands of lights glittering and you can even enjoy our staff’s acrobatics on our water chute ride.
-Enjoy the sound of the sea while shopping and dining:
With the experience of a lagoon surrounding you, enjoy our many unique restaurants and specialty shops. It is like being in a resort area where you can enjoy yourself just strolling around.

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