Champions League - José Mourinho believes that it can make something for Real Madrid and he wants to continue

José Mourinho
Without openly confirm the extension of his contract, which expires in 2014, José Mourinho indicated that it would be always the coach of Real Madrid next season. It has a margin of progression, I think that the club still has space to move forward, the Portuguese coach dropped after the Elimination of his team against Bayern Munich in the semi-finals of the champions League. Since clubs must evolve with time. The super car of the 1980s is no longer in the 1990s, if in the 2000's, and should move the attitudes gradually. I still think I can bring something. I will continue. José Mourinho is in not hid as it will support a team of his life. I wish Chelsea victory, he said. Mourinho also did not hesitate to defend if discredited strategy of the Blues, Barça workaholics in the niche. Chelsea players behaved yesterday in absolute heroes, they played as heroes. I know that there are people who take for masters, who have criticized the game for Chelsea, who have criticized the game of Inter two years ago, but they know nothing about what the character and efforts. They do not know what it is a team that defends and stand up to ten, the mental, physical and technical effort that it represents.

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