Beyoncé, was elected the most beautiful woman in the world 2012.

Beyoncé was elected the most beautiful woman in the world in 2012 by the American People weekly published Wednesday. Last year it is singer and actress Jennifer Lopez who had obtained the title. It is rich, beautiful and famous, that ask more? Singer of R & B, young mother of a little girl of three and one-half months, entrusted to the magazine that she felt most beautiful that ever since she gave birth, on 7 January, the small Blue Ivy Carter, whose father is rapper Jay - Z. She is so cute, added the star of 30 years. I have never felt such a connection-such reason to exist, she insisted, without wanting to return to the set of similarities with the father or the mother. It looks like Blue, she simply said. With 16 Grammys Awards to his credit in 15 year career, Beyoncé is a force of nature in the world of the show and an icon in terms of beauty and style, according to People. The weekly said that the singer has found its weight of pregnancy, and prepares for a concert of recovery in early September in Atlantic City, New Jersey in the East of the United States. Last year, People magazine awarded the title of most beautiful woman in the world to the singer and actress Jennifer Lopez. In 2010, this honor was returned to actress Julia Roberts. Decidedly moms have the coast. For all other moms of the world they are reassuring, they are always the most beautiful in the eyes of their children.

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