Disney California Adventure Park

California Disney Park
Discover Disney stories and characters that you love in ways you've never imagined! Boost your Disney experience in this engaging Park where new adventures with familiar faces are constantly taking place before you.
Big changes are underway at Disney California Adventure Park! Visit the world of Ariel when you immerse yourself in the new attraction the Little Mermaid Ariel underwater adventure. Take to the streets when Phineas and rockin' 'Rollin' Ferb party Dance trips along the Corridor of the Parade. Now, to get a taste of what remains are to the horizon sees the most recent plans to do even more magic Disney Park.
The Hollywood Pictures Backlot is waiting you for lounging in the glitter and glamour of old Hollywood and today, with a touch of Disney Films of Pixar magic. Check at The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror for the hiking of the lift of your life. Or get a wild view of the world with Muppet Vision 3D as Kermit, Gonzo and the gang to release their latest technology. Then cool for a cat to Turtle Talk with Crush, the turtle just surf to the Disney Film from Pixar, Finding Nemo. Don't forget that Monstropolis is just a scream away Monsters Inc. Mike & Sulley to the rescue!
Thrill and fresh breezes await you at the Paradise Pier, which will remind you of a park of sea of the turn-of-the-century filled with Disney character. Dine in the al fresco area at the new Paradise Garden Grill and Boardwalk Pizza and pasta. Tear through the air on rollercoaster California Screamin' or take off blue wilder yonder Sky School of goof troop. Step up to play Toy Story Mania! It is an attraction and complacency rootine shootine challenge. The night, see the spectacular world of the color fuse water, light and fire in a musical performance.
Discover the spirit of adventure that you immerse yourself in the landscape! Take in a landscape to cut the breath and a geography diverse Soarine in California. Mount in a white water raft and crash on the Rapids on the Grizzly River Run. Then relax with a great glass of wine and meals meet the wine country Trattoria.
See the world from the point of view of a bug in the land of a bug. Based on the Disney·Pixar film, life A Bug, this fun place is built specifically for smaller and is full of surprises of size of insects. Hop hilarious Heimlich Chew Chew train or go into hiding and see this as any on buzz film in 3D it is hard to be a Bug! There is much to do and see in this land where insects live large.

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