Destinations travel trends in the year 2012.

Elephants in Uganda

-L' Uganda becomes a destination, with a renewed political stability, rich flora and fauna (savanna, mountains, jungle, etc.) and the 50th anniversary of independence celebrations.

The beautiful treasure of Burmanie

-Burmanie (Myanmar). One of the most closed in the world (with the Korea of the North), Burmanie opens slowly in the world. As of 2010, the National League for democracy invites independent travellers to visit Burmanie. Between mountains and beaches of white sands, the centre of the country is a timeless journey to the heart of the pagodas and Buddhist.


-Ukraine should be part of the country which we will talk about in the year 2012. Indeed, the country will be co-organizer of the 2012 Euro football (with the Poland). In addition to football, the Ukraine will be a place of choice for lovers of black tourism.

The Temple sacred of Jordanie

-Jordanie is one of the most secure, open and welcoming the Middle East countries. In a region marked by wars (Iraq, Israel) and the Arab revolutions (Egypt, Syria), the Jordan is a model of modernization and traditions. Discover in Jordan, also the site of Petra, Wadi Rum, Jerash and Madaba sites.

Copenhagen Canal
-Denmark is regularly quoted in the country the most pleasant, beautiful and happy to visit. You love the bike and pedaling? The Denmark and its 10,000 km of cycle paths await you for a stroll.
In the rest of the classification of tourist destinations trends in 2012, there also Bhutan, Cuba, the New Caledonia, Taiwan or the provoked Not to mention London, which should attract the eyes of the world, the beginning of August, with the Olympic Games!

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